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Hoodies - Raw Dog

feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard

[Intro: Cash and Ol' Dirty Bastard]

Yo, check it son, Hoodies up in it
Ol' Dirty, where you at??!!
Wu-Tang,Hoodies representin'
One time, check it out

[Verse One: Cash]

While I ain't got no hoe I can settle for yours
Just chillin' with the bitch and she's down my draws
You asked why she sucked my dick and she said just cause
But you know the real reason's cause I ain't got no flaws
I'm known as pretty curt to the one's who flirt
The one's who don't recognize got they eyes in the dirt
They know what they missin' ?,Yeah they wishin' they's kissin'
This bad ass Hoodie who's now on a mission
I want a nice dick sucking and a blunt in my hand
And I won't even pass the mic to my right hand man
I just keep flowin' on and on,word is bond
I go swimmin' in your pond if it's clear of all the swan

[Verse Two: Ol' Dirty Bastard]

Olympic tourch still flaming,Wu-Tang still aiming
For all y'all niggas to just stop complaining
The debuah was Comin' at Ya' when they first attacked ya
Then they tore it up with the Ol' Dirty Bastard
The Ason, I flip one, Yo, With the shogun
Wu-Tang all in it, Yo, I'm just about done

[Verse Three: Bite Size]

How you expect me to run up in you
When you don't wanna be my boo
Yo girl FUCK you
I got another bitch and I ain't trying to switch
But if I fucked you your garunteed to twitch
Every now and then cause my dick's like a gem
You feel that shit once but never again
With my boy Cash, Yo, We call him Raw Dog
This type of shit gets you hopping like a frog

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