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Hopsin - West Coast Eclipse

When I rap, I like to seem wack at first
And rhyme cheap words, like curse and verse
And once it passes like one or two bars
I turn the switch on and start crushing fools hard
Who said the west isn't consistent, I'm fixing a fix it
For all these niggas who listening and living emprisoned
I figured it isn't missing it's villain, killing them image
Now I'm a rip this, now witness it as I finish the sentence
Losing hip-hop was a tragic loss but I found it and glued it right
To my dick so if you want it you'll have to jack it off
Rappers acting soft as a fabric cloth, I'm a smash them off
Their nuts are like berries, mine are the size of basketballs
I choke mc's out with a strong vice-grip
Then beat them with the sticks from the cross that they hung christ with
Head to the club then pull me a sprung white chick
You all know how hop get down, he want nice shit
I sleep walk at night with a bunch of madness
Mob through the halls and talk with a russian accent
Ready to kill like I'm a real thug assasin
Who beat my dad's ass and wake up like nothing happened
I'm ruthless, and I do drop bombs
I got fools in the valley like, "did not, uhh"
When my album drops make sure that you cop one
We need a raw fool like me since 2pac's gone
Wack rappers like, "hop, I'll disable you in the booth"
I'm like, "for real? that's a fatal attempt to do"
You thinking you spit the truth, I shake you and strip your jewels
Then hang you up from a roof, and strangle you with a noose
Cremate you with four torches, flame of the torch scorching
Leaving your corpse torching of course it's hardcore shit
And if there's ever a day my pockets hurting
I'm robbing you with an osama bin laden turban
Hip-hop is urging for a new flock of verses to rock the circuit
All you flops emerging are pitiful, we did not deserve it
Your style ain't even worth the fame
It's watered down more than new orleans during a hurricane
Your whole album was a verbal shame
I'm hopsin, don't act like you ain't heard the name

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