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Horrors - She is a new thing

She is a special girl,you know
The kind id hope to see hanging on a wall
Watching me cross the street
I wonder how long it will be before im sick of her
And i no longer care where she goes or has been [cause shes a new thing feel my Stomach sink and i
curse my slow limbs
She is a new thing,another new thing,staring at her,alterior girl]
Once she had me on my knees enamoured with disease
now she fails to impress a different sickness
A different kind of sickness,laking any interest
And i,sunk in apathy,totaly absorbed in me,sitting vacant on my own,my senses lying prone,she was a
new thing[...] with sickness,it ends how it begins-first mine than hers and the cycle blurs as
my action reoccur through no fault of my own...i have a new

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