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Horrorshow - Found

So there I am, sitting cramped up in my seat
Half asleep, looking out the plane window
Just looking at the clouds
All of a sudden they part and there she is
So I'm coming down looking over the city
All the familiar places I can see
I've seen it a million times before but I don't know
Something bout that moment
Never looked so good, hah

Touch down and I hit the ground running
February 12 2008
Make my way off the plane, wait around for my luggage
Hit the gate, see my dad, drop my bags and I hug him
Feel the sun's warmth as we leave the airport
Catching up on all that's happened while I been away
And he tells me with a great big smile on his face
That finally the king is dead and everything must change
And as we cruise through the alleys and the streets
I'm struck by the beauty of familiarity
Big things, small things, all things in their place man
I swear it's like I left just yesterday
But it seems like an age since my team parted ways
And we each headed off into the wide blue yonder
I can't wait to see 'em cause it's true what they say
Bout absence and the way it makes your heart grow fonder
The next day and we head to the park for celebrations
Cause everybody's got them good vibrations
Giving out pounds, and it's hugs all round
Cause we all so excited to be reunited
They say there's no place that's quite like it
And if there is, well I'm yet to find it
So we party all night to the break of dawn light
In the place that I call my own, it feels good to be home

[Chorus: x2]
See I've searched the corners of the earth
And this is what I've found
No matter where I go I carry where I'm from
So raise your hands up to the sky now
For the ground beneath your feet
This will always be the place where I belong

So now it's one year later on the way to Good Vibes
Valentine's Day 2009
It's kinda crazy how the calendar's days can fly by
And you watching fireworks light up the night sky
When I arrive this year I use a different gate
Cause the double S is playing so we chilling backstage
And I make it in just in time to see 'em rock the house
Onedayers in the place and we turn the party out
And it make me so proud when I look in the crowd
And see friends and family representing the hometown
People that I grew up with, little brothers and sisters
It's like the whole neighbourhood was right there with us
And it seems like every year the crew just gets bigger
New names and faces watch as the plot thickens
New chapters in the story of the streets that raised me
The streets that made me the way I am today see
This year me and Adit been all over the country
And got love for every spot from Byron to Bunbury
But there ain't nowhere that I'd rather rest my feet
Than in the inner west side of S-Y-D
So when I'm a grown man with a home loan plan
And I wanna settle down and own my own land
No doubt in my mind where I'm a put down my roots
In the place that I call my own, that's the truth

[Chorus x2]

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