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Horrorshow - Inside Story

It's like something just over the horizon
Wanna take a walk, maybe see what we can find?
Look long and hard, look near and far
Above all things, remember always look inside

Listen in to these words from a citizen of Earth's surface
Let's try and rewire the circuits, determine a purpose
Meanwhile I'm striving for perfect, but homie perfect takes practice
And I find in these days and times I'm always so damn distracted - they hit you like
Shop here, wear this, want this, love this, be this, buy this, buy that
Log in, sign up, tune in, click here, watch this, read up, write back
So much to know, and so many things to own
TV in your home and your mobile phone make sure that you're never really alone
And it's pathetic like a global epidemic, attention span so fragmented
So addicted to being connected we now getting updates by the second
Got us all time wasting up on MySpace and Facebook, prime for the taking
Got the whole world hooked getting high on information
Post-generation Y babies, they call 'em the digital natives
Hide behind their monitors as technology kills imagination
Excuse my cynicism, but a world where every kid's best friend is a computer
Is a system failure headed for an apathetic future
Just a few centuries back, they made maps of a flat world by candle light
Now the whole world's at your fingertips, mapped down to your street by satellite
So advanced from where we started, it's all so complexified
Brand names buy ad space in your mind but they'll never get what's inside

[Chorus: x2]
I wasn't there when they wrote the rules but I do my best to follow 'em
In this world of machines we starving for oxygen
Where were you the day that humanity died?
Searching for signs of life to reconnect with what's inside

Somewhere there's a room full of men with suits looking up at rows of numbers
Terrified by the red in their eyes as arrows point down from the pressure they're under
They're saying we might drown in our own greediness
Living beyond our means, chasing dreams that we learnt off MTV cribs
Look at what we did, smog fills the sky and the cars line up at the servo
And I can't help but think to myself this can't be the way it was supposed to go
On the nightly news, floods and bushfires, earthquakes and tidal waves
Temperature's rising, armies fighting, bombs go off and sirens blaze
But we just tryna get by and occupy our spot on the timeline
So we change the channel to sex, drugs and violence programmed for prime time
Sit back in our chairs for some living room voyeurism
As reality TV turns all of life into competition
Airbrushed magazine pages give us false idols to worship
Got us all so depressed that we can't live up to picture perfect
Sometimes I just wanna unplug and go back to basics
And I wonder what my story might have been like somewhere else in history's pages
But here we stand, the sons and daughters of colonialism
Crossed over water just to be making our homes on stolen land
And me, I don't know the plan, I'm just here to play my part
Do my thing, walk my path, talk my shit, make my mark
I swear I wanna make a difference from the bottom of my heart
But I don't how to fix it man, I wouldn't know where to start
So advanced from where we started, images off the production line
We outa touch with what's inside

[Chorus x2]

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