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Horrorshow - She

You know the type, she light up a room like sunshine
That special kind of divine creature, she leave you tongue tied
Imagination running wild
Till I'm wishing I could just go up and hit her with some one liner
Like, excuse me miss but would you like to be alone together?
I got some ways that I would like to get to know you better
And I was hoping that we could just secretly elope
But don't know how to approach you so I wrote you this open letter
And this isn't smooth talk girl, I'm no pretender
You got me watching you like I was front row and centre
And look, I know I'm ugly as sin
But that ain't gonna stop me from getting under your skin
Don't get it twisted, never been a womaniser
More like Orlando carving poetry on trees for Rosaline
I'm tryna think of what I've got to offer
And it's true I don't have much, but you can have all of mine
I've got a lovely smile, would you like to see it?
Don't bring it out too much cause these parts ain't too scenic
But I'll throw one your way if you're down to catch it
Matter of fact, I'd like to put one on your face just to match it
And when it's all too much, I could lift you up
Girl, me and you, we could be untouchable
We could hide away, stay inside all day
You and me, a DVD and some comfort food
But the chances of me actually spitting game at a She
Is something like slim to none, so I'm back to square one
So I'm a sit and stare, just admire from afar
As the She's of the world shine brights like stars

When she walk down the street, she get the birds singing like...

It's the way she moves, it's the way she speaks
It's the way one smile sweep me off of my feet
From the blondes to the brunettes, the Bs to the double Ds
"Infatuated with the many, many styles of She"
And it's the way she laughs, it's the way she cries
You know she look so good up on that pedestal right?
All shapes and sizes, they all prizes to me
"Infatuated with the many, many styles of She"

She's everywhere, in the street, on the train
On the bus, at the movies, at your job or lectures at Uni (Sydney Uni man)
You probably find her at the beach or pub locally
But she can be found in every country overseas
Some dedicate their lives to tryna undress her
Empires rise and fall in efforts to impress her
She'll probably be the death of me too cause truth is that
Trigger happy Cupid got me acting pretty stupid
You see, I've been struggling ever since I made the discovery
That every day's a tug between my head, my heart and that other thing
The misadventures of an eligible bachelor
Roaming the city's streets taking on any challengers
I'd give my kingdom for a horse whisper from her lips
And I wanna know the story of the swing of her hips
From her mind, to her body, to her facial features
No question, the most precious of nature's creatures
See I been looking for somebody for my passenger seat
And you might be the best thing that never happens to me
So come and meet me at the bar later
And I'm a get to know a brand new She, heartbreaker like

Hey, how you doing?
You know, if I told you you had a fine body
Would you hold it against me?
(Haha, cool baby)
Come on, don't be like that
Look, I play in a band, you should come check us out sometime
(Yeah right, what's your band called?)
We're called Horrorshow
(Horrorshow? Is that like a Metal band?)


[Solo impersonating: Sean Kingston]
You're a beautiful girl, that's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal when you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls, they only wanna do you dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal when they say it's over

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