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Horrorshow - Truth Be Told

Said I'm a night owl, fly above the city after lights out
Cause my thoughts are clearest when the noise dies down
So while you sleep I'm up late working on my escape plan
So take my hand cause we leaving right now
And you can march with me or you can move aside
Whether you a true droogie or you just cruising by
Forget the do or die, just loosen your suit and tie
They too concerned with being cool, I'm concerned with losing mine
Hear the stomach rumble, it's running on empty
But still I break bread with those who trespass against me
Cause even angels tell lies on their bad days
Tryna navigate a world that's man made
But the aforementioned characters who inhabit my shoulder blades
Are both claiming they know the way, fucking with my pokerface
But I'm feeling like a pimp so I'm gonna brush 'em off
Look 'em in the eyes when I tell 'em straight, welcome overstayed

[Jay-Z:] "Truth be told"

Let no man be afraid to speak his part
But let it come from the heart and the soul
An alibi's just a lie in the absence of proof
Above all, let the truth be told

Same crews, some songs, but there's been a name change
From today on you can call me Mr. Gameface
Cause I got my game face on
Me and Adit came back to give "The Grey Space" a paint job
And we ain't cut from the same cloth
My hat perched on a double crown cause I'm twice the king
Steady tryna build a kingdom out of rhythm and rhyme
We on your porch banging on your front door till you invite us in
Truth be told I'm a stoned out scatterbrain
But I never smoked a cigarette
Cause if I did then I'd probably smoke a pack a day
And that's a lot to pay for a little bit of death
See, truth be told I'm just doing my best
But regardless, I'm a stick to my guns
So listen up while I get this stuff off of my chest
Cause honestly yo, my conscious weighs a tonne

[Jay-Z:] "Truth be told"


So now we move like comets round this planet of rock
Colliding off one another till we finally stop
Sign of the times, if motherfuckers put they mind in they rhymes
Then they might find that they could write some like mine
Or better yet like yours
Cause there ain't nothing stopping you from penning your thoughts
You see, kids get bored, kids kill time
So long as there's kids on this planet, kids will rhyme
So tell me how you gonna earn your stripes
Cause I'm tryna get mine with just some words and a mic
And we on target, songs sparking chain reactions
Across the neighbourhood like the sound of dogs barking
And I send these words to be there with you when I can't
In your pocket on your iPod, wherever you are
Let the truth be told up in your ear
From around the corner to around the globe in both hemispheres

[Jay-Z:] "Truth be told"

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