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Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me

feat. Crooked I

[Hook: Crooked I]
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me


[Julius Luciano:]
If a nigga look into my head
You will see that my screws are missing
I don't give a damn got my tool to fix shit
When I say tool that's euphemistic
For the ruger, I'm not tryna confuse you nitwits
We can get on some pugilist shit
Or feud with biscuits
You can pick it
If you wanna shoot terrific
I don't usually miss with the uzi
But you can risk it
You're dealing with a top notch professional
Choppin necks is my professional
I confess my style
Rockin extra foul
Niggas wanna get rid of me I can question how
Ya'll dudes ain't hot ya less than mild
I suggest ya try to shut ya mouth
If I hear a consonant or vowel
Then I get to pulling out my chopper
Wet cha BLAOW!
Me and the Glock are best of pals
You can rock a vest
But even Ron Artest
Cannot contest
My shine under my T
Is the mac in fact
I'll rocket just like yao
I spit crack raw dope
Put an end to niggas with this cat draws close
I ain't tryna give you a minute to check
Naw yo I let the gat talk BRAP!
Nigga that's all folkss!

Kenny Siegel!

[Kenny Siegel:]
Ya'll muthafuckas know that Kenny carry a weapon
That'll teach you niggas who test me a leeson
Ya sets finna lessen [?]
I'll be up in a niggas home next then, he come back, raised a arm, "Now I got a question"
That's when I blast clips
Put em in the casket
Hit em with the ratchet
Hit em like a jab and stick em like a cactus
Peel a couple caps and the bastards'll backflip
Flip em like a mattress
I'll make a nigga need some stitches in them light jeans, hit em with a knife [?] nigga might sleep
Young villian I be killin em with my ink
Spillin on a white sheet
Put em under white sheets
I'm a vultrue with the coldest dick for those who trip I hold them clips (I keep steel)
Like a motionless, close ya lip, the chrome will spit, ya blown to bits (when he spill)
Who can match me this, killer is crafty, this belligerent and militant nigga is nasty
Catch a nigga grillin that's when I'm peelin the mac heat, pull that muthafucka quick as the hem on my KHAKIS!
When this nigga add [?] to sentences
I'm sinister when spittin raps, niggas be tremblin and I'm venomous with a pen and pad, killin my nemesis
Even killin the innocent diminishes niggas in a bad MOOD!

Demitrius Capone!

[Demitrius Capone:]
The Beretta wet a competitor sweater up never fucked with a predator, niggas better hide
Better duck, nevermind
I'm a Decepticon and Megatron'll find niggas every time
I eat competitors with every line
Cause I read his mind
And served his freestyle ahead of time
Before the nigga ever said a line, then I infrared his mind
I dot niggas like the letter "I"
See ya'll on that feminine shit
I'm a nigga on that criminal shit
Bitch niggas'll flip
My spit is ridiculous
Sicker than syphilis
Slip in the clip and
I'm ripping ya ligament
Quicker than lickety split!
This menacing and villainous niggas with Infamous
Just the beginnin of Genesis
Killin niggas with sentences
The wickedest lyricist
On the premesis with venomous FLOWS
Even killin innocent witnesses
If you a cop I'm killin ya
From any block nigga from here to La Cienega
I'm sendin ya shots to get rid of the opposition
When I'm rippin the Glock to get rid of the competition
I listen to Amitionz Az A Ridah
Then the spirit of 'Pac enters me
Then I got to hit em up, I don't give a fuck
You not familiar
With the mafia, my niggas is la familia
(Nigga what!)

[Hook: Crooked I]
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me
You don't wanna fuck with me

[Crooked I:]
(Wait for it...)
(Uh!) I'm a predator and a goon
With a mack-11 and tech, I'm better than you assume
These skeletons in the tomb, like veterans in platoon
My weapon big enough to kill the elephant in the room
You irrelevant, you felon in your development and element
And I was intelligent in the womb
Excellin in the cocoon
With a extra digestive system for all competitors I CONSUME!
Shoulda played the role of Cobain, suicide, tried to blow your own brain
Now the lead finna clap, you'll be dead with your head in your lap
Like you tried to blow your own brain
You can die, Duke and I, nukin my enemies like Kim Jong-il
Head huntin and pushin that red button so much, even Dick Cheney and Bush like "Chill dawg chill."
Naw, I'm the real raw deal
I was built off steel
I'm a still draw steel
I'm a deal ya'll steel
I'll fulfill ya'll will
I don't feel ya'll real
On the real dawg KNEEL!
You could burn with Satan, no lie
Today's Friday, the day you gon' fry Brr POW CH-CH-CRAOW! those sound effects for the way you gon' die (bye)
[Whisper:] You don't wanna fuck with me

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