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Hostyle Gospel - Coming Back Again

[Verse 1: Big Job]
Clothed in Holy Spirit man, Jesus Christ the reason and, hope you know the season man, it's time for him to come again
People tryin to quote the scripture, telling me is it fact or fiction
But I'm bout to tell them how Jesus Christ he walked the distance
What you want a motion picture, how he's coming back again
Where he at, who he with, what he go be dressed in
Look your life a mess kid, why you second guessing
I hope you pass the test kid, so you want be left man!

[Chorus 1: Jarrett Johnson]
Time is running out, this ain't no fun and games
Live your life without Jesus, spend eternity in flames
So get the word out to your friends, and enemies
He's coming back for us, he's coming back again again
Cause he's coming back again again [x4]

[Verse 2: Proverb]
Christ left once but he coming back like a refund
Just look at what's happening Rerun
We run this race so we can become
Sons and daughters screaming Abba Father picking up my weight umm 3 tons
3 tick tocks left on the clock till we gone
With the sound of the trump in the twinkle of an eye we home this
Earth is not my residence my faith is in the prince of peace ah, and not the president
Living in the press will mess ya mind up it's Godless
Press for the mark of Christ His words is timeless
Without this mind you mindless
And the land is in famine while doctors examine
The latest strand of pandemic, cancerous living
By man's hands it's a gimmick
And it's all in the word for Christ's plans to be finished
Spit it stand and I live it
Christians commanded by spirit
Recommends all man for repentance
Reaching outstretched hand of forgiveness
Searching for a church without a stain or a blemish
Sorry Dorothy Kansas is ending no Toto but when he come back find me in total submission
My soul in remission forgiven.

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3: King Soloman]
Christ, he saved the grave, he raised 3 days, he paid the wage
For sin so lift your hands in praise
We stand amazed at the way he laid our enemies down
I was found, Jesus turn my life around
I will never be the same, never see the flame
He took my pain on Calvary
Woe is me if I ever try to boast in me
I boast in He who walked with the cross for the lost ones
No flossing the boss of all awesomenesstivity
Got rid of all the sin in me
Got Him on now he lives in me
Shed His blood for the infantry
Evil there's no entering
Love me in infancy
Prevented me from the snare of my iniquity
All of me I give to thee screaming Lord finish me!

[Chorus 2:]
Make sure you get your house in order
For we know not the day or the hour
Tick tick tock

[Chorus 1]

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