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Hot Boy$ - Do Watcha Do

feat. Baby

When I shine - I gatta shine right
My Roley ain't gon' winde at all if it don't winde right
When I hit the second line I gatta fuck it up
T.V.s - loud sound and dubs is a must
Y'kno Lil' Geezy gatta stunt - it's in my nature
If you ball - then do what 'chu do, I ain't gon' hate ya
But disrespect a hot boy - I'll spray ya
We pay police so on top they gon' close case ya
Look my whole fam' - roll top of the line - off top
Fresh got the 'Vette, Baby got the 470 Lex
Juve got the new (2000) Yukon - Wayne got a coupe
I got a Benz truck look like a lil' polo boo
We got every car they made from a Ford ta Benz
Fucked everything in the city from relatives ta friends
We some Uptown hard hittin' - shined out ballers
Head bustin' - bitch smackin' - real shot callers

[Hook x2: B.G.]
Do what 'chu do nigga - it's all on u nigga
Me and my clique drinkin' Moet and Absolut nigga
Smoke what 'cha smoke nigga - stunt how ya stunt nigga
Me and my clique keep AK's off in the trunk nigga

(okay Birdman baby - Brrrrrrrrr! - ya undersmell me)
Got this, Escalade for my bitch named Trish
She from, round my way - my project chick
Lexus coupe for this bitch I know
Lemme do what I do cuz I'ma do what I do
A Bentley for my Hollywood hoe
Cuz she said she felt played in my ol' school '6-4
Range Rover for my mid-range bitch
She love the boy stunta and she drink that Cryst'
'Marro, for this nigga named Darrell
I done fucked your hoe nigga now you can marry her
'Vette, and she know whats next on my Nextel phone
While my dick gettin' blessed
G-Wagon for this nigga named Larry Robbins
Fucked your hoe too now you can have her
An SL5' - the new kit drive
My hoe Tateeze in the passenger side
So nice so fire - my car so sweet so cute so lovely
It's got ta be me, I'm one-of-a-kind
Of them Uptown streets, I'ma stunt - I'ma ball
So Let's me be, nigga!

[Hook x2: B.G.]

(I love that - I love that look - look)
Bitche's say I stunt too much, hoe let me do what I do
Let me get my shine on - let me floss with my crew
Let me play it how it go - drink Vodka and Mo'
Keep a solid with my rounds - mothafuck a dawg hoe
Hot Boy, burnin' up on fire - they can't stop me
Rolex with the Bezel have dawg hoes jockin'
20's, stay spinnin' in the 'marro that's all black
Hater's that be plottin' - keep the chopper in the bag
Gatta dub on my wrist, dime on my neck
18 - with 7 figures won't 'chu top that
Nigga never that - try all you want - it ain't gon' happen
It takes 7 plus 7 mo', and it ain't gon' happen
So wodie' lay low - be cool
Let me shine, told you that it was goin' down in ('99)
Nigga that didn't believe - bet they believe me now
Lil' Turk the hot boy - got it goin' on ha!

[Hook x2: B.G.]

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