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Hot Boy$ - I'm A Hot Boy

feat. B.G.

I take drama as far as it could go
I ain't no ho
That is something u would wanna know
I get loose as a goose
When beef in my presence
i'm a hot boy fa'sho
Nigga a living legend
I straight creep if I get beef with ya
They got T-shirt waiting on yo fucking picture
Yo head leak like water drippin from a faucet
Cause I was in the hospital
Yo wootay these niggas think I lost it
But I'm still a head busta
Run with straight real niggas
That's a fatigue nigga
So this the deal with ya
All about cash daddy
Face behind the mask daddy
Choppers with 50 in em'
Ready to blast daddy
Duck or get down nigga
Bounce or get bounce nigga
U on side of a milk carton
Can't be found nigga
Take it how u wanna
Bring how u feel
Take in blood nigga you get it how u live

[Chorus: Juve]
Where the villian be
That's where I'll stand
I'm comming with autilary
Up in my hand
I'm showing u bitches the reason I'm the man
I'm stopping u hoes from breathing u understand

[Verse 2: B.G]
It don't stop
It want stop
My glock on safety
Cock if you get shot
Don't get shocked
Cause you are aware of my actions
U know I that U heard of me
And that's a fact son
I'm bout whatever u bout nigga allday
I'm 100% thug
U wont't trigga play
It's all gravy let's handle it
I get scandalous
I call baby it's confusion
Army tool we using
He beep me back
We clicking up we set up
A dangerous mob
Once u wet up
No getting up
That's how it is
I hustle for my G's
Over hundred G's
Stun'n with versace
It's straight soldiers ree's
And soldiers rags, soldiers hats,
Soldiers jackets nigga we bustin' soldiers pants
We wanna go all the way out
And thug?????
Uptown my stumpping ground we camflouge down


[Verse 3:]
If you aint bout no paper
I ain't fucking with ya
U outta line
I'm gon flip ya
B.g toten big pistol
U know I represent
Full of that dope behind lime tint
Mercedes what I'm in
We steal is a lil hint
That u murder if you flinch
6feet in where u sent
My occupation consist
Putting momma on the front bench
My click is often dangerous
If they caught to hang with us thug with us
Cause trust if u outside ain't no love with us
Where I'll be all my rounds fucking down
And that's dat UPT
U ain't gotta hide you get down
But it all good
U get dirty I get dirty
We all hood U be slurgin I be slurgin
In the 929 fullu loaded sitting on chrome
I'm hot boy that need a hot girl to take home
I aint' gone bone light
On dat dope dick
I know you heard that we go all night
Yo girl ?????? say B.G. ain't right

[Chorus til end]

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