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Hot Shots - Brainz (Remix)

feat. Trey Songz

[Verse 1: Peez]
I'm not as shallow as the next guy
But every nigga knows what he wants
And man that's tight thighs
And what attracts him initially is nice eyes
Sweet personality, with the proper backside
... No lie!
But I need a girl to match wits
Cute and smart
A psychology or math miss
Or maybe she gotta thing for the cheese
So she's doing business marketing for her Peez
All I need is just a...

[Hook: Trey Songz]
Gimmie a cutie
Gimmie a shorty
Whole lotta body
And she gotta have plenty of booty
Gimme a shorty
But she gotta have brains
She gotta have brains
She gotta have brains
Cause I need me a smart girl
She gotta have brains
She gotta have brains
She gotta have brains
Cause I need me a hot girl

[Verse 2: OTT]
She gotta have brains
I ain't talkin bout her head game
This dame finished college at the top of her class
Owns a crib, nothin hotter than that
Chick thick you could place a cup on top of that ass
Walk is mean, cute smile
Glasses with the black frame
She diggin my career in music
Love I'm in the rap game
We the future girl come and hop in the Dolorian
Mister One Take Tone the swaggadictorian
I'm out

[Hook: Trey Songz]

[Verse 3: Peez]
Let me give you my dream girl
Kick game on point, smile just right
With that 3.5 and a future so bright
She's like 36-26-38
Ass and she's pretty in the face
A collegiate graduate
And if her dude is fuckin up
Quick to put him in his place
But the lovin that she puts on him
Is something that's innate
And she understands his passion
So she gives him just his space
And besides she's independent
Someone that I can't replace
She's miiinee

[Hook: Trey Songz]

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