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Hotstylz - Yo Mama Gotta Mustache

Why yo grand-daddy gang bangin'
And yo mama booty be stankin
Why yo brother got them lil' gym shoes on
Yo sister? she nappy headed

You light skinned like michael jackson
But yo mama and them dark like michael blackson
No money back when you did your taxes
Oodles of noodles for lunch and breakfast

T-shirt little
Got a big ketchup stain in the middle
Love dirt like T-Pain do a stripper
Short hair-do with a bang in the front
Pony tail in the back
You smell like baby similac mixed with a dill pickle

And you got a black front tooth
Yo mama got a mustache bigger then mine
And got a size 14 in a timberland boot

Yo mama dirty
Yo daddy dirty
Yo sister dirty
Yo brother dirty
Yo dog dirty
Yo turtle dirty
People got jokes and I know you heard me
What's up with that? [x4]

Yo mama got a mustache bigger than yo dads
What's up with that?

Yo mama
Yo daddy
Yo greasy greasy grand-mammy

She got wholes in her draws
6 feet tall
Tall enough to play basketball

She funky
And you busted
Why you walk around smelling so musty
Looking like ezell off friday
That's a damn shame girl you dusty

Get yo groupy ass out of here
With a face like midget mac
Yo weave off track
And yo butt so flat
Do apple bottoms sagg?

Yo mamas on crack rock
Her hair just like a dust mop
Yo uncle smell like dookie
Plus he live behind a bus stop


Oh hell naw
Yo buddy cute but you pop
Yo daddy work at the corner store
And yo mama stripper name is stop

Yo mama look like a man
Yo man look like a kid
Yo kid look like a miniature volume of martia billblewit a wig

Yo booty stank and you musty
Plus yo clothes dirty as hell
Yo air force ones are busted
You had them since last year

Yo 10 year old sister pregnant
And yo mama mad cause she can't do it
Yo little brothers idle is michael vick
And yo uncle real name is harriet


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