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House Gang Animalz - A.W.O.L. (Animal Way Of Life)

feat. Inspectah Deck

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, House Gang, what the deal, family?
It's been a long time comin', long nines bustin'
Get the stack and all that, we gotta let 'em know where we goin' man
Cause we the future, ya dig?

[Inspectah Deck:]
Ask around what's fuckin' with them
Live niggas stack G's and believes keep a couple a spin
Know my team don't front or pretend
Made men with control like Frank White, musclin' in
Nah, ya'll can't run with the great
Throw my name on the scale
Son it's king size holdin' it's weight
Got a taste for them donuts and cakes
Got wolves with they tongues out, droolin' all over your plate
Keep a 4 or 5th long and a whip, if ya'll wanna flip
In the kitchen stay ballin' a fix
Boy you act like you strong in the pits
But up north, got your manhood took, right along with your kicks
Boy, you lived under the wing
Got robbed by the C.O.'s, Bloods, Crips, Gods and Kings
Ain't neva seen the box in the bing
Find out it was PC, weak niggas rockin' ya bling
I never said I'm Nino Brown, but for mine
For all means, cousin, I'mma squeeze those rounds
I lounge whether B low down, in the street with Street
Playin' C-Lo, with c-notes down
Boy, Brown knows I played your role
Salute the Gene-ral, and don't violate the code
My footsteps shake the ground
In my cypher, no snakes allowed
Cause your ways are foul, boy
You heard us comin', didn't make the sound
What, you gangsta now?

[Chorus: Carlton Fisk]
Cause we A.W.O.L., Animal Way Of Life
And we hungry in the jungle, don't lose ya life
Cause we A.W.O.L., Animal Way Of Life
If you live by the gun, you might die by the knife
Cause we A.W.O.L., Animal Way Of Life
And we movin' with a army, don't loose your stripes
Cause we A.W.O.L., Animal Way Of Life
And we hustle everyday and night, like everything aight

[Donnie Cash:]
Eyo, I'm stickin' to the streets, I'm addicted to the streets
Violate D, nigga you be stickin' to the streets
Head in the ground, I listen to the streets
Head in the crown, I'm here now, what was missin' was me
But they ain't want me all over the track
Said the flow too dope, leave a monkey all over your back
Now I pump it all over the Stat, if I ain't holdin' the mac
Then pump a dump and leave a hole in your back
I got the streets in my veins, the beef and the pain
Snowstorm, hail, sleet and the rain
Son I move the snow by the O, peep the piece and the chain
Reach, I put the piece to your frame
I'm sprayin' ya'll from deep, cause the aim
Y'all playin' like the streets is a game (Animal Way Of Life)
And ya'll hatin', cause I'm capin', always speakin' my name
Cause I ride around shit and tore the seats in the Range
Feelin' froggy nigga, leap for the chain
What I do to you, will take a little more
Then this beef to explain, we all dogs but you easily tamed
On the wall, we can easily bang
Draw four, then I'm leavin' the game
Like what for? Cause it ain't even a game
Let the force, Swiss cheese up ya brain
Walk my dogs on the street with the cane
Call the law, I ain't easily tamed
It's House Gang, and we leadin' the game


[La Banga:]
We hold the drama, dramatically when rap unfolds
It's welcoming, young with open arms cause youth is bold
And aspect, asset, that be wisely known
Whatever's been reeped and sown, the best beef is unshown
Live from the battle zone, quiet weapons get blown
With silencers, from the dust to the crack of dawn
Fake done came, and real done gone
For every death, one's been born
That's the square, reality ain't never been fair
But we face it, sins against the Ten Commandment basics
With killings, and duct tape the bodies in the basement
Miles gagged and laced it, this live niggas keep shells
With none wasted, with four niggas play it's close
We keep it toastess, gripped in the leather hostess
Keep your vest jacket on for them cold shoulders
Ya'll friend niggas be them same niggas turnin' cobra
Learn what I told ya


[Carlton Fisk:]
Carlton Fisk is lucky, I ain't robbed you yet
Want a hundred shot revolver, they ain't made one yet
So I settle for the red beam that silence the tech
Make a movie, House Gang, nigga reppin' my set
For every barrio, hood rat, and King Trinidadio
Blood Aruby, Crip to Scooby
Fuck a G.D., we all one gang, please belive me
It's just the Animal Way Of Life, stroll the strength
No man will hold the fifth
Before you quit, like brrahh nigga, holy six
Carlton Fisk, oh I know that nigga, heard he sick
Plus he H.G., U.D., know they rich
Glow on his wrist, look like a MTV Crib
This how I'm livin', Donald Goines in the state bid
Live wire, you a if, and, or but nigga
Because you a homo-thug dick in your butt nigga
Wanna talk cash, it's aight with me
Cause I know that ain't nothin' in this life for free
So let me know what you got, so I could roll up
Let me hold what you got, froze gold with the rocks
When I come through your block, I'm live in stereo
Here we go, and for any scenerio, we never worry
Carlton Fisk nigga, and I'm known for the drop
West side highway when I'm stowin' the cop
Blood in his mouth, 'till my homie tell me to stop
House Gang, hide now mothafucka, drop down, or you shot


[Outro: Carlton Fisk]
Cuz we AWOL, Animal Way Of Life
Raider Ruckus, Animal Way Of Life
Donnie Cash, Animal Way Of Life
I.N.S., Animal Way Of Life
La Banga, Animal Way Of Life
All my fames, Animal Way Of Life

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