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House Gang Animalz - Blades

feat. Inspectah Deck

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Once again I gotta take a nigga head off for not believing
So be it... yo...

[Inspectah Deck:]
Intro to outro, bout it, fo' sho
Prime time, with the pros, hoes out of control
Fine wine with the 'dro, I don't powder my nose
Wise guys in control, show them how to get dough
This is S.I.N.Y., now you know
The fugitive on the strip, with the pounds of 'dro
Cast arm, strong arm, hot rounds of blow
La Bang', with the snub aim down your throat
House Gang on the track, now you're menacin' through
It gets rowdy, allow me to finish your food
U.D.'s in the kitchen, with the sinister brew
Makin' million men march like Minister Lou
Spike Jonze couldn't clone my life, I'm Deck Malcovich
I'm countin' my chips, diggin' out a bitch
Dippin' in a powder six, splittin' cigars
Hold weight like the bench inside the prison yard
The Hill to the grill, nigga feel the God
New kids in the biz, better kneel to Czar
2-4, H.G.'s, U.D.'s, the family
Hittin' like a thousand milligrams of E
Stay gone on the ziploc baggies of charm
Knock you out with the word play, daddy, it's on
Suicidal like a Shite, carryin' bombs
To make more Pulp Fiction than Sammy and John

[Interlude: La Banga]
Sammy and John, nigga get out the way
Let's go, yo, check it, yo

[La Banga:]
Yo, I'll be tryin' to as much as I can
But I know it's war forever, ever since they met my fam
They got shook, and then organized the plan
Constructed for me, all just to have your jammed
Don't want reward, double wise man, as long you'se on top
Niggas target you always to be where you stand
My calibur is royalty in the eyes of the broker
And most likely you'll vision me whenever they smoke
Livin' thoughts of my body, lyin' in bud surplus
It's vice versa, but I don't have to kill
Ya'll niggas is birds and'll fly before I will
All I'm waitin' for is to score, one live deal
And enrich my rhymes, so every line is worth a mil'
And when achieved, your bars add up to them billions
We all live niggas, poppin' our collars, but never chill in them
We cold current around us, it's ice in our jewels
You feelin' us, life we dealin' to bless us
As long as we preparin' our children, understand me?
Feel me, the extra clip in my sock, for war, came in handy
Chromie nine will grip, the screws is even sandy
I co-ordinate, twist the wrist, plus I'm fancy
From N.Y.C., to Cali, that's how the stance be
You Hollywood gangstas, y'all acts on camera, candy
You fraud-fakes, I'm real, and that's what enhance me
That's my battery, that's my energy bar
That's what motivates me, most to rush ya squad
But ya'll intent, to pretend like ya'll holdin' it, pa
Soul hearted niggas, that all of a sudden become hard
I never heard of you, over night murderers
Fear when I bust clap, we robbin' your heart, the current burglars
Bring it to your town, late night, with the block disturbers
Get that cake right for all you, late night service
I break car, stole west murders, now that's service

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