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House Gang Animalz - Homicide Housing '04 Remix

feat. Black Child & Loose Linx

[Chorus: Carlton Fisk (Why)]
Welcome to Homicide Housing
(Ladies and gents, killas and bits, it's Loose Linx, Staten Island's wildest)
Welcome to Homicide Housing
(Where we hustle all day and night, to stack thousands)
Welcome to Homicide Housing
(Where gangsta's link up, set bricks, form base, invest thousands)
Welcome to Homicide Housing
(Where we hustle all day and night, to stack thousands)
Welcome to Homicide Housing

Welcome to the place where, dope fiends give birth to dons
Always a pissy, daddy lost the rent money at the dice game
Your man tried to stick you for your ice chain
Welcome to Homicide Housing, where we hustle all day
And never left when the night came
Graveshiftin', it's Loose Linx America
Please believe, we way different
I'm from where killa's get killed for riffin'
Two for five crack flow, like the pacific
Old lady from the first floor, she's still snitchin'
You and your man, cheffin' grams in mommy kitchen
Everybody wanna be Gotti, but Gotti never caught a body
You sayin' me snitchin', welcome to Homicide Housing
Where gangsta's and Loose Linx, family listen


[Carlton Fisk:]
Your mother check came on Friday
Bet the rent money gone by morning
Buy a broke niggas some clothes, he gon' feel important
Watch him hit somethin' lovely for that nigga who bought him
Where a mother tears runnin', move the trash in the gutter
You either on, or somebody part time hustler
Movers and shakers, the wolves move, we right for the takin'
I'm from where youngin's come up, eliminate you for 'nathan'
Welcome to Homicide Housing, ghetto kids paint the chasin'
Nothin' is certain, the death and eviction, but you still

[Interlude: Why (Carlton Fisk)]
Yeah nigga, come on
Yo, yo Carlton, Carlton, waddup man?
(Welcome to Homicide Housing)

[Black Child:]
Where some shit neva end
Bulletproof your Benz, when you in stable end
From Forty B. to Beijing, we was livin' crazy
Niggas substituted they fathers, with 380's
If you don't know lead burn, go to red firm
When the feds look, for my heads in Red Hook
We got macs in Melbrook, cracks throw platnum in Albany Projects
From Marcy to QB (Welcome to Homicide Housing)
The thousands, and you could hear the sounds travel
Niggas'll pop off, keep you stiff like statues
Like niggas in the fort, or Brownsville (Uh huh)
The polo grounds, Castle Hill, all my killas in Park Hill (Yeah, yeah!)
Like P.L.O., niggas know we worldwide connection (What? Uh huh)
Like niggas uptown, they gotta respect it (Murder, yeah)
Hoodstock nigga, and our stocks gon' rise
When the heat wave high, who murder like I?

[Outro: Carlton Fisk]
Welcome to Homicide Housing

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