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House Gang Animalz - Same Shit (Different Day)

[Intro: Carlton Fisk]
Ya'll mothafuckas gon' find out what it really is out here
Staten Island, 'bout a thousand niggaz handlin' pipes
Fuck y'all niggaz think, what's wrong with y'all?
Ya'll niggaz stupid or somethin'?
We gon' get at you, Carlton Fisk
The big G with the O in the front, nigga
Fuck around if you want to, faggots
We got y'all niggaz, watch it! Y. Mil!

[Carlton Fisk:]
I'm from where, little niggaz stash cracks in they ass
Don't trust fiends, keep a lighter seal in they bags
In the day we might, hug and laugh
But tomorrow, it's a different day, do somethin', I'm on your ass
Get a grip on yourself son, 'fore you get splashed
A room was circulatin' the ave

[Interlude: Carlton Fisk (Donnie Cash)]
Yo there they go, mothafucka, I'mma kill you!
Yo, bitch ass! Oh he runnin' too, word to mother
Yo where Donnie at? (Yo, I got 'em)
Get that bitch, run nigga yeah, mothafucka!

[Donnie Cash:]
D.C. a family man, so when I'm spittin' nigga
Ya'll can all get it like a family plan
And I ain't missin', I ain't takin' a chance
Plan to wake in advance
Play my position, never breakin' my stance
Ya'll the niggaz that be takin' the stand
I'm never snitchin', bitch I'm straight in the can
Still pitchin', move weight when I can
In the kitchen with the bass in the pan
And from the kitchen, dogs, straight through the fan
And the missions for the gate to expand
Hit every state, what it takes to a fan
Hit every tape with it, I'm straight with the fans
So I'm still gettin' cake in advance
But I pray that I don't make the advance
But I know I gotta make it dog, and if I gotta take it, I am
You could reach for it, I'm breakin' your hands
And squeeze the heater in your face to a jam
Cause I'm eager to escape from this land
Where the eagles and the snakes are scammed
And leave me sleepin' in the lake with clams
It's D.C., I'm a ape of a man
D.C., I'm a ape of a man

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