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House Gang Animalz - Where You At

feat. Inspectah Deck

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Shaolin, suuuuuuu!
Where you at huh, where you at huh? (Uh huh)
Loose Linx, House Gang, Undadogz, 2-4 Warriors
(Back from the mothafuckin' dead, we 'bout to ride, the army of darkness, kid)
That's how it goes in the G-H-E-T-T-O baby! Yo, yo

[Inspectah Deck:]
We get rough, rugged and real, you won't stand still
Bottom line, it's time to let your man build
Park Hill drop heavy like a anvil
Try and to stop mine, wind up in the landfield
Now where it's good at, tell me where the hood at
Hustlers, thugs, dimes, and the hood rats
I live the wild life, roam with a wolf pack
Quick to pull gats, bangers, and wood bats
Big cups of gin, dubs spin, lifestyles so exquisite, the buzz on in
He's the rebel, we jump off above the rim
Big timers in the grime got love for him
Not a fake nigga wit' a hundred grand in stones
Lookin' fly in the bid, but he can't come home
Always talkin' 'bout packin' the nine
Tell me how all these rappers catchin' body, nobody catchin' time
I don't know about half of you kids
Some of y'all ain't been past the precinct for smackin' ya wiz
You probably wouldn't last through a bid
How many made bangas out of bed frames and macaroon lids
From up north to down state, back to the crib
This is real life, you hype, save your act for the flicks
I mash on the script, slit fashion in sick
Flow fresh like a sandpit passin' ya wig, fool!
Uh, where you at huh? Come on, where you at huh?

[Donnie Cash:]
Yeah I'm still stuck in the Stat
Yeah I'm still hungry mothafuckas, stomach touchin' my back
So like, yeah I'm still clutchin' my gats
Tryin' to make a mil' off of crill still fuckin' with cracks
I said you know I'm still servin' the heads
And I eat through the beep, don't sleep, never heard of a bed
And I'm just a little over the edge
I see ghost when I smoke, and just a little over your head
I said yeah I'm still stackin' my cake, and I don't care if you share
Cause I still don't mind snachin' the plate
And I still don't mind catchin' the case
These niggaz runnin' they jibs, I'm do a bid, behind crack in they face
Put the steel to the back of they face, and I squeeze with ease
If they hesitate, I'm crackin' of the safe
And I'm still movin' packets of base
And I pass out bombs, you pass out when I back out arms
I said yeah, still Cash that Don
Ten brown from the twin pounds, ten rounds to smash upon
And I send hounds to snatch ya moms
Niggaz playin' till them shots start sprayin', then they ass is gone

[Interlude: Carlton Fisk]
Do it mothafucka, we got you!
Loose Linx, Homicide Housing, come on!

[Carlton Fisk:]
Hot time in the city, I get it poppin' and crackin'
Crackin' and poppin', you askin' who is he
I'm a House Gang Animal, bear grizzly
Y. Million, still ride with me, count those lies
Remember never trust a bitch, if you a cloud in the sky
And we at you mothafuckas, ain't no question to why
So many shots that your body would fry
Verrazano Bridge, Homicide Housing S.I., nigga that's what it is
Calm your man down, hold your bid
Carlton Fisk, hold down, orchestrate the strip
If the feds come I plead the Fifth
Send men, then I blaze the fifth, I'm not a stranger to this
It don't matter if you Blood or Crip, thug or bitch
My House Gang Animalz will flood your strip, nigga
(Yeah, yeah, where you at huh, {Brace yourself nigga} where you at huh?)

[La Banga:]
What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and also
Bustin' is good, but missin' you bad with your hammer
Yeah, you get you man up, but karma is real
The dirt that we do if we sleep, sure creep up in the jammas
Coincide with me, what was saved refuse my thinkin' of what I'm plannin'
Then catch you like ducks and air the cannon
I got thug Law and Order on my side, y'all kinda got strength
But it ain't fear if law enforcements your side
Niggaz popped at me, I ain't respond
Before I had a chance to clap, half police bureau respond
Print my picture, askin' around, "where is this nigga?"
Activist, call respondin' to get to buildin' then figures, I know
Ya'll been jealous, been knockin' my hustle
I probably been bitten' if money wasn't like muscle, you feel it?
We in the jungles, what's keepin' me safe is prayers to myself
And the un-seen force of my mother, her spirit
Properly guides me, mainly from snakes beside me
Watch me, while creepin' in the lobby

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Uh, where you at huh? Come on, where you at huh?

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