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House Of Pain - What's That Smell

I say stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's goin' down
I'm everlastin', forever on a roll
I'm rockin' to the boat, steamin' grey matter tone
I ain't sayin' I'm God, but you can graft this
Chances are if I'm a star I'd be Johnny Mathis
On some smooth shit, I'd be gamin' all the honeys
Hittin' Hugh Hefner with his Playboy bunnies
Check the Sunday funnies, I be readin' Doonesbury
See me after dark, love, shit be gettin' scary
I'll freak you like Carrie on the night of the prom
Let's keep it cool and calm, I'll start strokin' your palm
Work my way up your arm, start kissin' your ear
Maybe lickin' your lips, then pullin' your hair
Yeah, I'll freak the back spasm, then give the orgasm
And if my legs cramp, girl, I'll lick that stank
I got it sewn love, so you ain't got no worries
Hold up, wait a second, my vision's gettin' blury

[Chorus x2:]
Stop, hey, what's that smell
Someone laced dust all up in my L
Bitches start sweatin' once the pockets swell
Let's take it back fourteen billion cells

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