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Hurricane G. - No More Prisons

[Hurricane G]
Aiyyo son, you have the right to remain silent
Even though you ain't did NOTHIN violent
So Hurricane G spit this, rip this
Straight out the poorest congressional district
The Bronx baby, shit is crazy!
I see my niggaz get harassed daily
183rd you heard, got it locked
But shit is hot, we got choppers on the spot
Watched off rooftops, from WAY up the block
My niggaz be like, "FUCK the cops!"
And face the consequences
Risk bein beat, killed, and arrested
Sentenced, forced to live between wire fences
Whether cop a plea or surrender
If you'se a three time drug offender
you goin DOWN son
for way less than a POUND son
The government got no love, twenty-five thousand niggaz
in New York in jail for drugs
And three million in the streets is thugs
What, the, FUCK?!

Aiyyo I drop gems sporadic, it ain't democratic
My demographic, ain't tryin to feel no type of static
But still can't escape from Jake
From one-six-eight, to over the bridge, outta state
It's hate, tryin to relate, the violation
Annihilation, on all different type of nation
Word life, it's like the third reich, you heard right
Pulled me over on the turnpike, plus my birthright thwarted
by the government supported
Court ordered, good lawyer? I can't afford it
Sound distorted, I don't be where the wealthy be
So they got a cell for me and act unhealthily
But I got somethin that they all should check
N.Y.C., P.N.P., up on your set

"Blowin down your motherfuckin roof.."
You watch us, we watch you
You stop us, we stop you
[G] You goin DOWN son!
We watch you.. we stop you..
[G] DOWN son! For way less than a POUND son!

[Hurricane G]
Shit! Seven hundred million tax dollars a year
to keep drug dealers in prison
While the rapists and the killers is livin
Deep in the streets chillin, shit is real!
Niggaz rape little girls for a thrill
and the rest kill for a MEAL
While fifty percent of women in prison, is on death row
But that shit is on the low, for murderin a spouse
or lover, abusive motherfuckers!
It don't make no sense!
Why, the women go down over self-defense
and spend, seventeen hours a day
in the cell, a.k.a., a living hell
with low level standards, fuckin BASTARDS
Got me devestated and offended
for wrongfully mistreatin females who pregnant
who can't exercise the rights of first amendment
All my peoples stop pretendin
and get yours to the endin!

Aiyyo, peep statistics, we official in the districts
Sadistic, tryin to keep the black fist twisted
Find the flaw, shinin scars behind iron bars
Crime laws not designed to fight no kind of wars
Let it sink in (they send you) straight to Sing-Sing
(Doors are kicked in) kingpins flee to Kingston
Life in exile, projectile for the reptile
Cruel machines use human beings as a textile
For the darkest race, there's no escape
from the marketplace, no grace if you caught a case
It interest me, how one of the most watched indices
of economic growth is prison industries
If Gods ain't locked, no jobs for cops
If blocks ain't hot, stock options drop
From Boston to Brooklyn, my heads is gettin tooken
I win when the crooks win (WE OUT) bring the hook in

"Blowin down your motherfuckin roof.."
"Blowin down your motherfuckin roof.."
We stop you.

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