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Hyjak N Torcha - Corperate Greed: Torcha Solo

[Verse 1: Torcha]
Some need to kneel real bad, some kill for a flag
Some bring back medallions, some nil with a tag
Ultimate sacrafice thats the price
Like the plying piper with the pipe
Are we the same as the mice?
How insane is this life we getting trained to die
Just do as I say and leave your brain inside
If you ordered to kill would you find your soul?
It's an everyday drill thats mind control
In it's truest form all I do is wars and research
Watch the mission of the leaders for whom we work
Exume the dirt, come on think of it
If you illiterate consider this
They kill more civillians than in the history of Saddam
Next thing what? We searching for freedom in Iran?
Should see it to the plan man they leading you on
A chess game for the rich all you be is a pawn

[Chorus x2: Torcha]
It goes
Corporate greed is the force that feeds
This economy
Supports the war machine
So you a soldier?
More like a pawn to me
Kill for Kings and Queens?
That's wrong to me

[Verse 2: Torcha]
I'm dropping this (my) hypothesis
My scripts are endless, meledies bottomless
In this strive for motropolis life's optionless
Come follow us as we lead to the apocalypse
Evil vs God's followers, racial intolerance
Palestinian's lie reminds us of the holocaust
Occupying forces all should be banished
For them human death is called "collateral damage"
Should retreat like the Spanish
You reac too much havoc you can't just steal what ya need from this planet
Seeds of a planet for peace cease to exist
Poppies grown in Afghanistan teach us this
That you don't like terrorists uppin your shit
But prefer needles with heroin stuck in your kids?
Man fuck hypocrits just raise up a fist
We know your real aim, your games have us pissed

[Chorus x2: Torcha]

We caught up in a world thats been brought up
To believe these things we see on TV screens
Selected by media thats supposedly bias
Show anything cos they know that we'll buy it
It's not hard to decipher why we're fighting Al Qaeda
Who funded and trained them? Who lighted the fire?
There plots were fiendish they sponsered extremists
Why were the media told not to screen this?
It's like they underestimate the size of our brain
and make TV one big advertisement campaign
To solve the worlds wrong with everyone's blessing
I'll answer the questions cos where we're heading's distressing
Just examine this problem (what)
Why arn't we in a war against famine and poverty?
So obviously they send thousands of planes to drop their bombs
Kids starving with AIDS tell me whats wrong

[Chorus x2: Torcha]

[Man: talking]
"Free World Alliance but do you hear about it in the major managed media?
No. Your called for war...
People are saying we've got to go out and get those bastards
We've got to level them... But there's no trial, theres no evidence
It's a conviction"

[Woman: talking]
"We have to make it abundantly clear to these troopies
that we will not stand for this, that we are not buying this idiot
That we are not good Germans and that we demand our rights"

[Man again:]
"They're the terrorist but the war isn't going to be against the real terrorist
But the war isn't going to be against the real terrorist
The war is being conducted against you and your family
and those who speak out for freedom
Those who disclose whats really happening behind the scene
But... will you buy into it?

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