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Hyper Crush - Ayo

Yo! Yo! - Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!

Ayo, Ayo, (Go), A-a-yo, Ayo (Get it)
Ayo, hit me low. Ayo, hit me low, hit me on my tippy toes [x2]

Break those hips, ankles twist
Burn the place up like Wako did
Dolo-ish, solo tip, bouncin' around like pogo sticks
So sick, bonus discs, gettin' so low you almost triiip!
Can you hear me? I'm on my shi-


Get that, beat that, focus on that, move that, I can dooo it
Now pop that body, mozeradi? Leakin' fluid
Move chick, too legit. Kiss it like a crucifix
Who's this? Super sick, bouncin' off the moon


Lower than a basement, bass, bass,
Lower than a bass bassbassbaba-
Get it.


So focused - I'm shakin'
I'm trying not to get too wasted - I'm posted
I'm weightless - I get lower than a basement
I'm chokin' - I'm brainless
Well then hop up on my spaceship - Let's go there
I'm wakin' - I get lower than a basement


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