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Hyper Crush - DISKOTRON

New wave diskotron disco-disco-discotron.

Get down on the fucking floor. Move your feet. Get that ass wet. Shake what your mama gave you.

New wave diskotron disco-disco-discotron.

Do you like dancin'? Well then put your ass on the floor. Are you stupid? Move it, like a crack headed whore. I'm the pimp, the pusha. Make you dance till your foot hurts. Ahh easy does it. I wanna see you push it.

Fuck it, pop step. I wanna see your body wet. Wreck is what I catch. So yes, I double step. So fresh, I like to rap and dance like Michael Jack. Just beat it like Billy Jean. I'm silly, I'm killin' beats.

New wave diskotron disco-disco-discotron.

Are you a dancing machine? Then break your back to the beat. Are you grabbing at me? You betta act like a G. D-I-S-K-O it's the new drug just say no. And oh diskotron tonight. Dancing does a body right.

We are the future, supersonic, party all night. Bring your body to life. Somebody stop me. I'm like I'm a touch what I see. Girl can you fuck to the beat? You know you got to get down. Make your mama proud.

New wave diskotron disco-disco-disco tron.

The D is for deaf and the I is for illin. The S is for sex for and the K is cause I'm killin. The O is for on point and the turn is what your feelin.

D-I-S-K-O diskotron. New wave diskotron disco-disco-discotron.

Hyper Crush is up in this bitch. You mother fuckers [?]. [?] new money [?]. Donny, Holly, and Preston that's what the fuck what I'm talking about. All the rest of you haters need to fall back you just keep ranking out. [?]


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