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Hyper Crush - Keep Up

Keep Up. Keep Up. Keep Up.-
Go go go go go-

Wait girl, not so fast
Slow it down, now make it last,
I be chasin' you all night, dancin' to the song like
Move your body to the beat, she's a freak like
(I'm a I'm a freak I'm a I'm a freak freak)
Yup girl, why you teasin' me?
Just beat the scenery, I'm so illin' movin' my feat
That I don't even need a beat

Can you keep up? With my body movin' backwards from the speakers
When I'm dancin' you can barely see my sneakers
Can you spin me like a record, spin me like a record?
(Record record)

Okay, keep comin' around my way
So you like how my nails are painted? Grab me by the waist and, move.
If you see me flyin' past ya it's just because I'm fasta
I'm waitin' so come capture me
If you got the speakers blastin', got moves like Michael Jackson
Then show me you're a dancin' machine

[Chorus x2]

Stop chick, not so quick
The Donnie pull out look at my-
It's true, I'm a maniac, and I'm bringing the 80's back
You know these ladies attack me when I bring them to the sack

My style, my sway, the way that I walk and keep up with my pace
Come play, and bend over and tighten my shoe-lace

D-U do a double take, D-U do a double take take take-
Keep up-


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