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Hyper Crush - Live Forever

Deep space travel on, I can see the Babylon, light speed atom bomb
Poison in my body, soda pop with Bacardi, I'll kids with the flavor, hey yo, I'll catch you later
Neon Genesis, I need some medicine, live life to the fullest, rock the mullet
Rope chain, acid wash, power up the Macintosh, Dead broke, 80's baby, I think I'm going crazy

Mother earth, give me birth, I can see just what it's worth
I got a heavy heart just like a ton of dirt, hard work, everyday
Up until the levee breaks, get drunk, rock a show, eat then I got to go
Spaceship in the club, people be like what the fuck, homie-boy this is it
Happiness is in my grips, spit flow, crush a groove, this is what the fuck we do
Time warp, hit the lever, this is how I live forever

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