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Hyper Crush - Mueve Low

Oye chica
Vamos a hacer esta cancion
And get that level right
Mira, pero no me tocas, papi

Mueve low
Ay suelo
Otra vez [x4]

Hey, when I walk into the room all the boys go crazy
They, they
They call me mami but my name is really Holly
And I came to rock this party
Why you starin' at my body I'm like
Oye oye papi
Que me quieres
If you really want it
Then you have to come and get it
Ay, por favor
No me digas que me llames
Dancin' crazy it's my job so
Step into my office,
Ste-ste-step into my office

Mueve lo
Ay suelo
Mueve low
Otra vez [x4]

Roll your body to the beat
You're actin' like a beast
I don't know what you're sayin' but you make a fan of me
Hey! Up and down watch you move it to the ground
Ho, oye oye chica this is how the beat rock like a grandfather clock
Wanna dance come and talk
Holla back on my jock
All that booty I'm a touch
Hit it cutie that's a must
And I'm truly gonna cuss got me sayin' what the
Ah, shucks!

Mueve low
Ay suelo
Mueve low
Otra vez [x4]

Hey boy, what's your name
You're drivin' me insane
Damn girl, call me Donny
You got a smoking body
Si, you should come and get it
Que me queres

Yup, if you say so
Huh, you should take control
Make it go crazy yo
Now you ain't a lady though,
Classy, you know you're not
Nasty, you're so hot
Wait, I don't understand
Hey, maybe you can translate
Al the words I can't say
Baby girl I can't wait

Mueve low
Ay suelo
Mueve low
Otra vez [x4]

Oh my god...

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