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Hypocrisy - Apocalypse

...since I was a child, I saw (sought?) my own way.
and god was not a part of it. -or- the skies were black

I am so sick of hearing you preach about heaven
all this bull shit about paradise.

(chanting): Freedom is hell (here)... you're the...?? (..or..)
(chanting): Read all the signs... you're the...son??

The (you?) christians must stop
from spreading all the lies,
The only way to gather them with a (?to get to them?),
with the sound of a bang...??? (?without fear, when the sun is a god?)
Have mercy
It's the ending...of your life.

As my mind slips away,
I see no end of this misery
The only truth is myself,
I can't go on this way

Read all the signs
Your the ?son? (sign?)

Are you forgetting/I use for killing
to the end of the rainbow,
My own/all alone (I know)...(won't) I'll be there...
When the son is the path, (when their time has arrived)

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