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Hypocrisy - Inquire Within

(I feel that/I'm floating) my soul is leaving me.
(My mind is playing tricks on me)
(I am being turned inside-out)
(Feels like) I'm losing it
Where am I
Why is it so cold.
I try to look around, (but I can't)
how come I'm being paralyzed?

(Caught/Cut) from behind
(Destroyed into/This journey to) enternity
I am leaving for another world.
My body (is/just) floating hollow empty
My thoughts are spinning out of control.
Will I ever be one again?

Will I ever reach the end?
Will I ever see the light.
Is this death or am I dreaming.
Feels like I am flying away.

How come this is happening to me
Why don't you leave me alone
I hear a voice that says - You're the chosen one.
I didn't choose to be a victim
I didn't choose the pain
I didn't choose to be an experiment
I just want to get away from this hell.


If I die before I go home.
It would just be the same.
It would be my chance to be free.
Maybe because I am dying.

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