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Hypocrisy - Paradox

Walkin' into the fire
I'm trying to find my soul there
Can I ever feel the warmth?
I am in need
I hope they find me soon

The voices I hear
are trying to control me
Need to clear my mind
or never survive
the only solution
Blood is too bold
for their retribution

I have lost all my beliefs
But now I chase the truth
and it hurts
It is so ???
This is the only way

Slashing my arms
to let the blood free
Soon to get away from the pain
I have lost
all my beliefs
to a world of hypocrisy
Not afraid to die
Just an empty soul
in cosmos

Once I tried
to make a difference
But now I'm chasing the truth
Only the pain I have earned
and deceit runs through you

??? in their eyes
take pride in their development
Can't walk away from here

The voices I hear

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