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Hypocrisy - The Fourth Dimension

As my soul leaves the body
A dream to hell -or- I'm free taken to hell -or- A free token to hell
To explore the unknown
For a vision of you all my life

The pressure? raises my my soul,
As I see my destiny
All panic (a carnage/fire?) goes through my mind,
As I see myself slowly die


Wake me up from this nightmare
I cry out, "Make it stop!"
Get me back in my body
I'll never never leave it again
Never trust your own instincts on a journey to hell

I can see my body lying.. empty.
And so I reach out and grab it and wake myself up 'Oh God!' (or 'I can't!')
I feel no (a) pity for all that died
'Cause I'm stuck here, in hell

Repeat Chorus

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