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I-20 - God's Plan (Remix)

feat. Sha Stimuli

[Sha Stimuli:]
See my mind is steady racing, when I rhyme is medication
For the times I met with Satan, for the grind and dedication
Every line has been designed so you see signs on elevation
I'm inclined to reach my prime like that my final destination, bitch
Hands off the steering wheel
See I don't need to control what people really feel
Spent over half of my life thinking I need a deal
Now I'm dealing daily with stacking bread for a decent meal
I bleed these bars, you see these scars?
I've been through it, died twice, got CPR
I e-mailed the whole world and I cc'd God
I blind copied all the haters, they like VCR's
They dead
So I replace 'em with a Blu-Ray player
I've been buzzing since two way pagers
And that's a literal statement
My beeper buzzed back when Shaq was a Laker
And labels was calling like, "People saying that you the greatest"
I am

[Chorus: x2]
Angels keep whispering "You're too close to the edge"
Those demons trying to drag me off the ledge
Mother forgive me I'm trying to keep my head
But I wanna sing
I wanna sing yes

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