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I-20 - I'm The Man

feat. Killa Kyleon

[Hook x2: I-20]
Tell these niggas I'm the muthafuckin man now
Take a stand but I'll never take a stand now
I'm a boss call the shots here's the plan now
Stand tall tell them pussy niggaz stand down

[Verse 1:]
On errthang I been through, I'm blessed because I'm into
It's hard to have morals when the motherfuckin rents due
Yeah that mean my size jumping, you goin have to buy something
Rain or shine I'm a grind like I'm dry humping
So tell him pass the glock, then told em pass the rocks
On the road to riches nigga this is just a traffic stop
I been in the streets, ye ain't make it off the third pipe
Dealer out here pitching, but I'm ducking for my third strike
So I'm a have to do this dirt, then I'm a have to make em hurt
Fuck an unemployment line; I'm a have to move this work
I know you heard it all before, so I ain't gotta spell it out
You know they say that money talks, so I ain't gotta yell it out
I just hope I sell it all without the risk of selling out
To every block that's occupied cause they never bail us out
See I'm on my grind again, try'na get my shine again
My life is like a broken clock, so it is my time again

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Killa Kyleon]
Real nigga had to earn my stripes I ain't a zebra
And my signs dollar my nigga I ain't a Libra
Gotta keep it one hunnit if not they don't believe ya
Crawl 'fore you walk my nigga that's the procedure
I learn that from an OG
And to these young wipper snappers I'm a OG
Lean not OE, papers full of OG
Addicted to this money I'm a count it till I OD
Fourth quarter gotta get it so I put in OT
Hustla the last job I had was in 03
Street nigga check my resume, go see
I'm like a helmet on a pack a niggas OG
Check every hood in the city bet they know me
I'm a doctor need a drank I'm who you goin see
LIke CVS I'm bussing 'scriptions you thirsty nigga?
Come buy a bottle or a zip if ya thirsty nigga

[Hook x2: I-20]

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