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I-20 - Sleepin' On Me

feat. Rain

Journey's been running hard all his life
Cause life never treated him right
Well he ain't running now
Ya see...

[Verse 1: I-20]
My money flowing it's roller blading you cheap skates
Life's a bitch and I treat her just like a cheap date
My only mission is reinventing the peach state
I'm out here pitching and did I mention I keep weight
Bobby balling the bottom line is I body niggas
You see the 'rarri the Lamborghini Bugatti nigga
You keep on poppin off on me we more than ten deep
They more than not enough homie they are in rim sleep
We rocking shows when it's crunch time, we started nigga
Body blows and punch lines, we sprawn nigga
You only feeding me this is my open invitation
The only thing that's preceding me is my reputation
These niggas hitting on money but ain't nobody claiming
While Bobby shittin on niggas they out here potty training
I'm what the game has been missing and what the streets need
And it's not fair (call it nightmare) sweet dreams

[Hook x2: I-20]
They keep on sleeping on me
They keep on sleeping on me
They keep on sleeping on me
My time is coming watch your mouth if you was speaking on me

[Verse 2: Rain]
Sweet dreams of a million sitting in the war
Nightmare on Elm Street I come to kill em all
On the couch with that Spade got me feeling talc
Bitches hit the club just to see a nigga ball
Pick three to leave with me then I'm peeling off
Thee allure of coming through with the ceiling off
You least tourbillon make the baddest bitches talk
Upscale D-boy yell again drug dealer talk
So if they talking life then you gotta kill the judge
Shoot em down and with your foot give em a lil nudge
Make sure the job done, murder for hire
Or non-believe watch ya burn in eternal fire
Pitch came with the same Rick James' desire
To call in that black widow F50 Spider
Black rarri rider, rest if you tired
Notoriously hypnotize ya, open ya eyes up snap

[Hook x2: I-20]

[Verse 3: I-20]
Ok, wannabe superstars, talking like they super hard
All these niggas blowing smoke, to me...
Careful who you speaking on, yeah we out here cheffing strong
Talking on that Amber Rose I get my Wiz Khalifa on
That mean that we getting lit, I am who yo bitch is with
Presidental suite had the wits of my constituencies
I'm a make a freak a her, I just gotta speak to her
Tell her I can clear her throat, swallow all my wrinkle up
I'm hearing what they try'na say but they ain't got the mind to pay
Carats on the altamar and you can't get the time or day
Nigga there's a fine to pay, you goin have to pully up
Blow a nigga budget down and honest, just to show him up
Nigga keep on rolling up til they ain't nothing left to smoke
You know they say that money talks, I guess that's why we never spoke
Major of the business dawg, I know my niggas feeling this
And I ain't into burning bridges, guess that's why I'm still with Chris

[Hook x2]

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