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I-20 - The Definition

feat. Ludacris & Nathaniel

[Verse 1: I-20]
My life is a movie baby, this is just inanimate
Four of five bottles of that...
Hugh blow time piece, I got the Gucci blazer on
20 carat pinky rang; I get my LA Laker on
928 Porsche coupe, riding with the tints down
They wonder if I'm getting paid to see if they convinced now
I just want the change now, tell em that the fame dead
Head til we pass out, yeah we call it brain-dead
Headed to the clear port, baby this a man's sport
Breakfast at the 12 Den, dinner at the Gasport
I wake up at the W, catch me out at Times Square
This rap shit is my house, and you are just a time share
We out'cha time zone, they ain't even searching us
Stamps on the passport, we wouldn't need intrepid us
Everybody slanging yay, half these niggas frontin' now
Nigga this my every day, and we ain't even started now

[Hook: Nathaniel]
I'm living a movie
So you can sit back and watch how I do me
My life is doing 90 in the two seat
I'm here to stay here to win
Gangsta and gentleman
I'm the definition of cool
I said I'm the definition of cool
Baby I'm the definition of cool

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Late night orgy fest, women in the swimming pool
Sucking off bachelors, masters like they finished school
I made it from the pimp game to industry shady like these Louie V tint frames
But I'm focused my life is in slo-mo
Been rich since I trademark the DTP logo
Put it on my arm, tatted up the other side
Haters it's a wrap, your career has been mummified
Call it quits, hang em out to dry boy
Have your bitch singing high pitch like choir boy
She want the buisness, so all I do is give her cock
Thangs ain't been the same since she landed on Luda planet rock
What a discovery, steady poppin' bubbly
Prolly with the mayor got the whole town loving me
I'm diplomatic, to haters it's immunity
Only God can judge me but you can try suing me, gone

[Hook: Nathaniel]

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