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I-20 - The Reintroduction

[Verse 1:]
Life is what'chu make it, and you won't make it chillin'
So while you make a living, I'm try'na make a killin'
A couple hundred million, I swear it's so appealin'
You must be paralyzed, if you ain't catching feelings
I'm ready and I'm willing, I put that on my churren (children)
I'm thankful for my blessings, and only God I'm fearing
So all the shit you hearing, it's just me validating
That all the shit I'm spitting, it keep from salivating
And so we out here grinding, while all these niggas hating
I mean I'm more than shining, I'm out here radiating
I made it through the struggle; I put my plan in action
This ain't my only hustle, but it's my only passion
And so I'm right back at it, my music is my healing
They say the sky's the limit, and I ain't reach my ceiling
So I'm a make a promise, as long as I am breathing
I'll stay on your conscience, until you start believing

[Hook: x2]
This is the second coming, I'm in reintroduction
I took a life for nothing, and turn it into something
So I ain't into stunning, or into second guessing
This is the second chance, to make the first impression

[Verse 2:]
See it's the way I move, you see I pay my dues
Made all we do is win, we never play to lose
This is the path we choose, when no one's walking with'cha
Cove up reality, port in the perfect picture
I am a better profit, spittin' perfect scripture
And high definition, that means a perfect picture
With better resolution, you see my evolution
Will not be televised, let's start the revolution
From my miseducation, and to my matcheration
But never watered down, fuck all that saturation
Self-evaluation, you see I check myself
Man in the mirror time, see I reflect myself
I went from 'nother life, to thinking suicide
The war within myself, so I ain't choose the size
I'll never run and hide, cause I'm a man y'all
Because I know inside it's God's plan y'all

[Hook x2]

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