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I-20 - Tyson

[Talking: Mike Tyson]
I was gonna rip his heart out, I'm the best ever
I'm the most brutal and vicious, the most ruthless champion there has ever been
There's no one can stop me
Lennox is a conqueror, no I'm Alexander, he's no Alexander
I'm the best ever.
There's never been anybody ruthless
I'm Sonny Liston, I'm Jack Dempsey, There's no one like me I'm from their cloth
There is no one who can match me
My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable
And I'm just ferocious, I want your heart I want to eat your children!

Tell em that I'm back bitch, bury you like cat shit
Bruce Wayne of this rap shit, yeah boy back shit
Enough with all that wack shit, mediocure trap shit
They say Three's Company and ye ain't doing jack shit
I tell em get your bread in this bitch, get'cha toast up
Back to the basket on the block, I'm finna post up
Niggas talk that shooter shit, but they only super shit
Niggas still sleeping on me, guess they on that groomvy shit
Ridin' with a bouchie bitch, but she on some groupie shit
Everyday's a movie nigga, we about to shoot a clip
And I'll be back in 2 or 2, cause we about to do what it do
All these faggots sound the same, so I call em Fruity Loops
They don't want to go to war, I show em what the cannon do
Bout to spit in summer time, welcome to the tanning booth
Dealer got a bunch of snow, so this goin be a slient night
Half these niggas got'cha gassing I put out'cha polit light
Nigga ye ain't rhyming right, better have the time to write
Sippin' on that syrup nigga, pull my...
Give your girl a bunch of pipe, she call me the handyman
20 got a bunch of bars, I guess you on the family plan
Nigga I have master this, this is what a classic is
Shit no competition nigga, this is just a masterclans
Better yet a massacre, I got these niggas panicing
And I just got the green light, time to bring the traffic in
Yeah your boy back again, dealer spittin crack again
You know a nigga packing heat, well tell them niggas pack it in
And I'm a need my strap again, I ain't scared I let it sing
And I don't need no fucking beam, cause we murder everything

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