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I-Octane - Burn Dem Bridge

Yo Ninja Kid
Jah kno star
Yeah, mm yeah yeah
Mm yeah yeahh mmmmm ohh whooaa
Mmmmmmm yo Big Ship

[Verse 1:]
Some bwoy
Dash weh dem stick before dem cross di wata
Vanity dem bwoy they fall fah.
Buck up inna things they never ask the Lord fah
It's not a laughing matter, Stephen.
Ungratefulness cause disaster
Pay fi everything weh dem mek wi bawl fah
Out of wi tings so we work so hard fah
Gi dem anything dem ask fah

And dem burn dem bridge
Burn dem bridge burn,
Burn dem bridge burn dem bridge burn (burn).
Hey Stephen,
Some bwoy burn dem bridge
Tell yuh seh
Dem burn dem bridge burn dem bridge burn,
Burn dem bridge burn dem bridge burn (burn)
Hey Big Ship, some bwoy burn dem bridge
Yeah eh

[Verse 2:]
Pull dem out when dem nah accept
Buss dem and dem promise yuh tell you seh dem nah cut
Dem turn round put salt in your raw cut
Tell yuh put yuh guard up
They will try fi hurt yuh
Ashes from dirt yuh
Just like how di Lord a work
So di devil work too
That's why


[Verse 3:]
Stephen dem diss yuh
So yuh give dem rope with length
Now dem a owe fi yuh strength
Cause dem a reminisce
When yuh used to kick back
And run a board pon di endz.
Eagle-eyed dem cyaan get that again (cyan get that again)
Dem cyaan get that again
Mi headback dem cyan lock again
Ungrateful dawg is not yuh friend


(Burn dem bridge, burn dem bridge) mmmmmm
Mmmmmmmmm mmmm
Yo Stephen
(Some bwoy burn dem bridge)
Some bwoy,
Dash weh dem stick before dem cross di water

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