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Illogic - Time Capsule

feat. Aesop Rock, Vast Aire

[Aesop Rock]
Dear then, I'm writing from the now
Trying to steer this crooked zen (?) else and warn your crowds
The current date somewhat irrelevant, I can't see through this cloud
Wish I could say these bunk samaritans boogied to make you proud
Spawned a thousand grand objects (?) dot daughters
But these fathers bothered only to harbor pain in the nostrils
The sparkle in they iris fell to earth
Dissention of the jackal hybrid overloader, draped over the curse
Now from the sunniest of meadows to the bummiest of ghettoes
Every man bloodthirsty buzzard behind sweet hummingbird helloes
And its portable mayhem that stems from every (?) a sentence burdened
And it's the result of sheep refusing to be herded
Radio, television mixer, hand cannons
Ying yang, the worker ants war dance for carjackin bandwagons
And I preface my apologies with a buckle that latch up, soldier
Hoping your professors counteract their predecessors
I know my job and bully my heart into every token tossed
I wish I had a penny for every word that I spoke and lost
Some cats never soaked up (?) elixir
Oblivious to the wild dogs procreate well beyond modern man's victors
And I'm done, I just completed knot thirteen, it's sliding well
My neck fits to perfection, I hung it inside my cell
It's in your hands now, closed eyes, pick off (?) departing
Leaving you this letter and this worldwide fucking mess, I'm sorry


I thought, therefore I was
A man-machine with chrome hands holding plans to expand the scene
With eyes wide shut, I wasn't surprised to find this mind of mine behind the mask of time
Crushed glass altered the path on which
Bare feet would skate, foiling all attempts to escape hell
Due to sliced soles, I left blood trails for land sharks to follow
Easing the pain with capsules to swallow
Resting on civilization's peak, tasting the climate
Creating a ladder, attach it to weather patterns and climb it
Shattered the sunlight, scattered in the nights so the sky can't find it
Now how's that for a game of hide-and-seek?
My body walks, but my mind's asleep
So when I dream I think
Therefore, reality is surreal, and destiny's a fantasy
Fate is an illusion, when life becomes a canopy
When poems occupy catacombs on display for clones who fell prey
To delay on microphones, into each page of text, my heart is sewn
So when the seed is planted and domes the harvest alone
Is an interpretation of excellence
Where pesticides abide to ward off the weeds from gardens of negligence
The sharpness of rhymes stabs pin til it bleeds
Drenching the paper that clothes each body the souls
When the sun hides in the folds of the horizon
You know these three celestial silhouettes standing on the seas, crying

[Vast Aire]

I daydream like, part of my mind stays in space travel
From the top of New York to Ohio
Back to the lower Eastside to crop circles
And ciphers we recommended the first one's to hurt you
You babblin, doggie paddlin, in a shark circle
And the outcome's about to become horrible
Like the teachers of Hannibal Lecter
Who taught me how to kill a man with just one lecture
But the times have changed and so have the seasons
And rhymes have changed and so have the reasons
This rap's as ready clouds from the sky's cleavage
(Best believe it!) If it aint broken, best leave it
There's still a part of me that can't see it
But tries every single sunrise to retrieve it
Atoms stepped on the scene, shortly the balance beam tipped
Leaving times multi-ripped
Who said it's time to relax? It's time to react
And don't get trapped in an endless cycle
Of minutes and seconds, runnin laps around you
Do you wanna change time? Or let time change you?
So we left a precious capsule
So in a hundred years when you find, this you gotta rewind this
It's an evolving compliment, like we all came from fish
Like we all came from fish

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