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Jamelia - Go

[Verse 1:]
You say why don't you change your mind
Think it over one last time
Like you don't know yourself
Our labors all depend on you
There's consequence in what you choose
But if you loose I won't forgive myself
Showing that much self control
Won't bring back your life when you're old
Do something for yourself

[Chorus 1:]
Cause oh,
If you don't
You will never know, oh no

[Chorus 2:]
Go, why would stay when it does nothing for you
Go, watching your pain only makes me surer
Go, holding you down there's no way
That I can keep you

[Verse 2:]
I say go ahead and save your life
Do something for the first time
It's the least you could do
Who cares if they won't take the risk
Your biggest one's not doing this
I cannot live for you
Infinite responsibilities, how about living duty free
Emancipate yourself

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Middle 8:]
For heavens sake I can take disappointment
But I can't understand why you won't leave
You've been quiet, awful quiet, no enjoyment
Comes a point when you have to take what you need
Don't forget I respect what you gave up
But you lost such a lot along the line
Get it back, get it back, wise up
Get it back, get it back, oh you gotta go

[Chorus x2]

Oh no no no no no NO


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