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Jaz-O - Gangstas Ride

feat. The Game

[The Game:]
The motherfucking originator,

Gangstas ride on
Gangstas ride on
Gangstas ride on,

Worldwide originator and I'm back on the fore,
Motherfucker going home no more
Not a thug but I'll put you in a rug with a couple a slugs,
[? ]
Friends turned enemies,
Stolen identities,
Can't get rid of me,
I watched the cocaine bubble up and kilo price double up,
You got a problem with a marcy nigga, lock an load and knuckle up,
What you know about 1976 a young nigga getting money playing triple up,
I'm a prototype, first one king of the [? ]
When I first did it Twista wasn't even in the business,
Knew BIG when he was'nt even independence
Put the little nigga Jay-Z in the business,
... motherfucker freeway to the shit list,
My styles hot style Games got top style,

[The Game:]
You're one of them niggas talk slick when the guns come out,
Niggas see me and old g rolling on gold d's,
Run in the house,
Paul Wall did ya grill? open up let me see caps run in yo mouth,
Niggas snitch get your wig split, 6 in ya fitted forget it
Talk shit you better live it my nigga,
I'm on the block till I get hit,
Ball like the pistons,
I'm ready to die,
That's why I'm bout BIG shit,
10 months 5 platinum plaques a track, take half of that,
Bring it back now like an ounce of crack,
Then put it in a plastic bag and call it aftermath,
I bark like a gangsta, talk like a gangsta,
Impala with the cherry red paint and the gangstas ride on,

Eastside, westside come on,
And them gangstas ride on,
North side Southside come on.

Uh uh uh, like tell a nigga they
Spill half a gallon,
Who the fuck said a man couldn't be an island,
Back pocket to the concrete for the wrong heat,
Show em wrong you don't want to make em more weed,
Everybody's at, 3 body bags, that's a wrap,
Take away do you understand the aftermath,
Forget that, best bitches got em all week,
Call me all me cause I'm so street,
Been a mack since Hawaiian sophie,
Got ya ice grills with 40 fills, still
Act like you know me homie,
God will make your... holy
Watch me closely,
Triple [? ]
That's level baby I'm a [? ] weather baby,

And them gangstas ride on,
Eastside, westside come on,
And them gangstas ride on,
North side Southside come on [x3]

[The Game:]
Niggas don't want it with the bee gees,
Niggas don't wanna see me cause I'm an a–hole,
Especially when I ride with Jaz-o in a continental T with the ass low
What you got your foot on the gas for,
We get dat doe,
Climb through the window,
And run through the back door,
Black out with the mack out,
Blast four blast four more,
Originator give em what they ask for.

Enemies I murder them,
I hurry like I bury them,
Walk through your hood with my two blocks on,
I'm in my new shoes with my new socks on,
Shine like a diamond get your blue blocks on,
Jaz-O stupid motherfucker not Shawn,
Never been blast on a 2pac song,
The originator double time creator,
Too fast,


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