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Keak Da Sneak - A.O.B. (All On A Bitch)

feat. Agerman

[Verse 1: Keak Da Sneak]
This goes out to all you hoes who ain't got no get back
If you forget that, Wit my fist, I wouldn't hit that
The lench crack, Ass and tits wasn't lookin lovely
Everytime I see the bitch, She's lookin ugly
She mugged me, Semi in belly, Lookin all stubby
Drinkin bubbly, Lookin at her through car right, No she couldn't do nothin for me
Bad bitches only, Cause I'm a star, Everybody know me
Plus I can be pushy, Bitches be fightin over me
But you though, You in the oooh, Ho
You couldn't make me a sandwich, I wouldn't let you tear my shoe, Ho
You just a ghetto bunny, Uh and bitch you hella funny
Scuff a nigga dick, Get the gooey shit, But you ain't gettin no money
Some bitches wonder why they lonely
Cause if you ain't about no dough, I'ma be yo one and o and bitch you hella phony

[Chorus x4: Keak Da Sneak/Agerman]
From weedsacks to mo red bottles
$150 case to buy me fits
Nigga it's all on a biatch

[Verse 2: Agerman]
From here to the go, GQ to my rear view hidin a rolex off that hen and bond
Get off the freeway, Bart get Daryl through that tunnel headed for echelon
Before I stepped in, Parking lot pimpin
Wit $5 purse on the hand of my hand for thirst quenchin
Haters beware, We attack like wild bears
Ho stare at a player, Kickers like Nike Air
The crowd up'll stare
Security push me in the do', Cause I'm all in the dough, Popped in my collar like a snare
Recognize the lil trick at the bar wit her square
Swear she dope like she real, But she's fake like her hair
While ya hatin movin ya mouth I'm makin moves wit my life
Ya kissin her all in her mouth, I'm face fuckin ya wife!
It's all on a bitch

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3: Keak Da Sneak]
I seen her in the club, Lookin all fitty
Bring that cheddar here, Wit it tryin to get some nigga to hit it
She need to quit it, Bitch you my bond, Why don't you go on and admit it?
That bus full of drunk-ass nigga somebody gon get it
That fast, Tell ya how much a nigga fiend for some ass
She got no class, And around licks, She got a rash
That's how many dicks her mouth don last
The ho is fast, Now she 22, Doin the crew
Niggaz call her ms. magoo
Miss the goo, Cool cool aight cool, Cause she was a victim
Straight come from it, Niggaz love ya sister
Some niggaz go all out and let her
Tryin to turn a ho into a housewife, Don't wanna quit em
You spike biatch, It's wrong how you did em, did em
Slipped up and called you another name
Sympathy'll cripple ya game
That's why it's all on a biatch, biatch

All on a motherfuckin bitch
A.O.B. nigga

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: Agerman]
Ha ha ha, Yeah baby, I'm talkin to you
Don't look around like you don't know who I'm talkin to
It's all on you, It's all on a bitch
Oh, Oh is that right? You wanna get my hair cut?
Oh, We can go right there on barren croff to jackie's
I can get my shit cut for like $15
It's all ave, Oh oh, You wanna get me some Nike's Jordans on you?
Jordans on you? We can go right there to foot locker
And it's my day to hook me up
Oh, That's right, I'm gon need a fit to go wit the shoes
We can go to old navy, It's all ave
Oh you know what? I'ma need a pager too
And a Sprint PCS phone, Hook me up
Oh, It's all ave? Alright, Cool
Cool, We gon do this then baby
You know, I always wanted someone like you
Keep on bein the way you bein
And we gon be together for a long long time
It's all on a biatch

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