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Kelis - Marathon

[chorus x2]
Love is this marathon, I'm running for you baby
And you don't know me yet but faith is all I have, see
And I'm gonnnaaaaa
Win this race

[verse - 1]
Since I were a little girl
My eyes were fixed on you
I knew that one day we'd meet
That you could set me free

Sure diamond ring, pretty things
A piece of mind, could be all mine
O this growing love affair
Has kept me on my feet

[chorus x2]

Yesterday I had a glimpse of you
You looked me in my face
And just the other day you brushed right by me
I felt you reeling in my space

Tell me, do you think of me
And can you see me from the start
I swear I said I'd wait for you
But fate might change the score

[chorus x2]

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