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Kj-52 - They Like Me текст песни

feat. Lecrae

They like me forget about the color I might be
It's likely they just like me
We different but the same we covered by the blood of the King

I don't do black music I don't do white music
I do fight music unified in Christ music
Let's get right to it hear the music write to it
From the context of a black kid fighting through it
Some folks said it was worldly it was too good
Some folks was scared of it it was too hood
So I took it to the places who would embrace it
And sometimes believe it or not it was white faces
Am I a sellout assimilating what's in my head
No I am Cyclops homie cause all I see is red
People covered in the blood are my fam
And we don't just relate we all related through the Lamb
My family tree is a lower case t
And we are all the same cause you need him like me
We different but the same and it's likely
They just like me that's probably why they like me

They like me forget about the color I might be
It's likely they just like me
We different but the same we covered by the blood of the King
They like me they like me they like me
They say we shouldn't get along cause our different skin tones
But I promise you they oh so wrong oh so wrong
They like me

I got bue eyes light skin and some black curls
Grew up the white kid in a black world
When ya live and ya different well the facts hurt
Moved to the burbs and don't fit in that's worse
I'm just a nerd getting chased home on my bike
After school fight lay in my bed cry at night
Hate the fact that my status read poor and white
And all the rappers I idolize tell me that I'm never right
Now my skin is light and I ain't fitting in
I'm on the outside of hip hop screaming let me in
I'm hooked up with sin hate the very skin I'm in
Cause every time I rhyme they like look eminem
Looking back again I's in the worst place
All I had was beastie boys and third bass
I'm the dude who always come down in 3rd place
Until I heard of your life and your grace

So on the weekend started seeking looking for the meaning
Heard a pastor preaching couldn't believe just what I'm seeing
Walked into a church of white blacks and Puerto Rican
Without a single reason they loved on this little heathen
And with never speaking they just showed me simply
That Jesus is the only one to make me sin free
And beauty is the only thing that's ever skin deep
I was lonely but a new family is what you give me
So really really if we claim now to love the son
Why we got to segregate sunday 10-1
So much to overcome now from what's been done
But if starts with me (then what?) then I'll be the one
Now ya better run I'm stepping on ya toes
Got ya out ya comfort zone now ya out the boat
If were a family then let's grow now and make a home
Let them know you're my brother no matter what the tone

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