K'naan I Come Prepared текст песни, слова песни I Come Prepared K'naan & Damian Marley

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K'naan - I Come Prepared текст песни

feat. Damian Marley

Set to high
No callin the rerevulationary youths
Dam marley alongside k'naan
Gunpowder philosopher what some boy feel like
Peppop huh
I made the list this year
I'm on a roll
You ain't no east African rock and roll
You don't know what time it is like your clock is old
You ain't know we all packin like the block is sold
How could it be to the deep and darkest of zero
To become king of new york like DeNiro
And he ain't even from new york that's what's weird yo
But he's from they repetatattapatatta
So come now don't you try to play the hero
Around here we have pirates with torpedoes
Alongside all the warlords and beardos
The only city the people blacker than tuxedos
Babygirl let me get all up in your earlobe
And if you shut me down you can kill my ego
Which is my enemy makes you my amigo
So either way you and I are button and needles
And they say I might become because of beetle
But I don't let it get to my head or feet yo
And I got more street cred than legal
But just in case, we keep a big Des. Eagle

I come prepared [x3]
(Ready) Yeah
I come prepared [x3]
(Always) Yeah
I come prepared [x3]

What was I on before this flow a sequel
Somethin about how I thought I was a beetle
I'm trippin, but it was something lethal
It was fresh, but possessed something medieval
I came solo I ain't even bring my army
The type of niggas that'll always ruin the party
You know, those socially-inadequate Somalis
Who walk in, uninvited, in your VIP
And Africans love them some B-I-G
But Tupac is official edge N-I-C
And my job is to write just what I see
So a visual stenographer's what I be
Superman, superstar, gimme superfat dough
So I can be super rich and super fatso
But maybe not superfat, but super stacked though

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