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Knightowl - Ah Bird Just Fucken Flew In текст песни

Back the fuck up and never rush a fool like me
Or be the next I leave in misery
Up in this game we all the mothafuckin same
You oughta know by now bullets have no name
So think about it would you like to beocme the next
To get the lead engraved all up in your fuckin chest
I'll crack a mothafuckas dome and watch them bleed
My 38 snub nose I have got to feed
I watch em all collapse they're taking naps in dirt
I'm tryin to kill mothafuckas I don't wanna hurt
Who be the next to try and step to me and die
It's too fuckin late mothafucka not don't you cry
You made the choice so now you got to fuckin pay
You played the game so now you got no fuckin brains
You rest in piss cause you was trien to fuckin diss
You be that PUNK MOTHAFUCKA that don't exists

Best think about the shit that you be doin
I'm still down for the neighborhood I grew
And if you keep messin around you'll be ruin
The Knightowl fuckin landed
Ah bird just fuckin flew in

Think about your next move loco I suggest
You need some stradegy
Cause life be like a game of chess
And if you choose to make the wrong fuckin move homes
I'll seperate you from your home with this fuckin chrome
I got the valas that land all in your cata
You oughta know punk little bitch no valas nada
So best to learn a fuckin lesson and take a seat
I got's some rocks about to drop and they be full of heat
Don't try to act like you don't know what I be talkin bout
You wanna hang around with Knightowl fool you see the clout
You see the was a lot of mothafuckas kiss my ass
But if you be the kind that talks I'll shatter you like glass
Cause I don't give a fuck about those that'll disrespect
You'll be another mothafucka that I had to check
So best to think about the shit that you wanna do
And if you ain't my dog fuck you and you crew


Don't try to hang out with G's fool you don't belong
Now take a listen to this last part of this fuckin song
I'm bout to hit you with reality some criminality
Nothin but the real fool I heard you like to squeal
Cause you ain't nothin but a bitch you should've been a girl
You talked alot of fuckin shit now you must leave the world
I don't forget I don't forgive but incase I let you live
I got to break atleast a fuckin rib
Shit be crazy in the city of wicked
The capital of methiphedamine fuck all my enemies
They all a bunch of fuckin haters and imitaders
They try to be like me but how they fuckin talk about me
You like to yap to all your mothafuckin friends
How you done hung out wil Knightowl fuckin once again
Stop livin life as a phone go ahead and earn some stripes
I got a knife so fucking big that'll take your life


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