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Knightowl - Everybody Lockdown текст песни

[Knightowl: Talking]
Yeah that's right
The Knightowl's back
With some thing funky for that mind
It's all about that 6-1-9 baby
Yeah (Yeah)

The Knightowl's going off and I'm coming insane
When I rock the mic never hear no complains
Who be the fool they be asking "Where's he from"
It's all about those Westcoast guns
Putting fools in the box wearin make-up
You messed around boy and now you'll wake up
You had a chance but your last dance came though
When I saw that face up in my window
Alot people said "Damn he did he's in trouble"
They too felt the heat as I pumped out the double
Barrel, bullets fly like sparrow, I'll shoot like an arrow
But first, I take your deniro
Gimma all your goods, best come out the pocket
Show fools how it's done as I rock it
Straight out the city of the Big Diego
You want to do in fool but you ain't able

When I'm around everybody lock down
Kngihtowl be that fool with the Westcoast sound
Diego be the city and I represent the west
Ain't a coast like me we strickly the best

I'm inviting them all to come and battle
The Westcoast shit rocks from here to Seattle
Knightowl be the lockest bald head on the planet
Ya'll getting jealous I know you can't stand it
There's not way not chance it'll ever
I'm too clever I'll burn it up like the devil
So get out the way I'm untouchable
You wann get em up fool I'll be clutchable
Who give you courage was you in church on Sunday
Good Friday bout to be your very last day
On earth, back to before birth
Now I be gone, we gotin to the end of your song
Now more quaters left in your juke box
Left what's next, my opponent got's to face death
So check that ass before I brake you a little some thing
OF from the big SD


Much love to the fools that be down with the dopest MC
Of course you all know that it's me
How could you forget all the things that I've done
The many times that I made you all run
Like a virgin cup of mornin honey moon that's about to get it
You done did it know you dome got spilted
Ya'll can get known of this VICTORIOUS
Lyrical I be NOTORIOUS you be the SORRIEST
I know that alot of rappers out here in Diego
They wanna be like me but fool that's impossible
Never possible I ain't tryin to be flossible
Mess around then your life becomes tossible
MC better get a grip I run a battle ship
Punks get a clip in their lips
I'm the wickedest blad headed
Hoo-rider from Diego
Westside you know be the best side


[Knightowl: Talking]

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