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Knightowl - I Rock The Gangsta Shit

I heard about some fool
He got in for me
Talkin bout the day he find me
He gonna blind me
But I got some thing else
Up my fuckin sleeve
You wanted static mothafucka
Now you will recieve
A bullet to the dome
To make sure that ass is gone
And one inside your fuckin mouth
You dirty like the south
Cause you's a fuckin bitch
And now you lay inside a ditch
Inside a casket with worms
Got rid of you like germs
So take a fuckin listen
Before you end up missin
Cause you's just a fuckin peon
Have that ass runnin like Deon
So what the fuck you wanna do
So take some steps
I'll turn before you do
Then terminate your fuckin crew
Cause I don't give a fuck
Some say that all dogs have it's day
But why the fuck should I have to worry
When I'm a fuckin bird fool
You'll get attacked by me and Lolo
I'm never solo
Straight out the 619
Come represent my cholos

I'm goin syko mothafuckas I lost my mind
You best not ever fuck around
And try to take what's mind
I got this game on lock
Through ever fuckin block
I rock the gangsta shit
So fuck those that bump the Hip-Hop

[Big Syke]
Niggas wanna murder me
Bury me a G nigga
I bust a flee nigga
The nigga you can't see nigga
Smash on your soil
With AK's and hand gernades
We know where you hang
So we bang streets, renegades
Blast out the escalad yell the set as we jet
Leavie em dead in the street
And have their family cryin for weeks
Shit get's deep so we creep on late night rides
For the homies who die the pride lead to homicides
We'll each surive the pain insane to the brain
I slang cane so I can get more guns for my gang
So it's understood I do this for the hood
The land of the no good South West Inglewood
Where you kill or be killed
Cause it's real on the field
Where niggas will chase you down
And make sure your cap is peeled
It's just the evil mind
Crazy with my daisy shine
And I ain't scared to due no time
For my krime nigga


Once again it's me
Livin life up on a string
I'll shoot that ass
You'll never make up inside the ring
I got my plan premeditated
I live my life X-rated
And all you sons of bitches
Will never be able to fade it
So what fuckin rock did you crawl from under
Puto you ain't shit, I'll rain on you like thunder
Punk bitches all surrender
Your hoes love me tender
I'll get your mothafuckin dome
You's the great pretender
Always talking about how gon do this and that
Best to check yourself look at where you at
This is my fuckin block my fuckin hood my turf
When you spit lyrics fool
They still come soft just like a nerf
I'm still the undisputed when I compete they voted
If a dead man could talk
You would ask him who done shooted
I always get suluted off the map you got rooted
The Knightowl's fuckin gone
I've done mothafuckin hooted


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