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Knightowl - I Wanna Fuck Me Some Hoes текст песни

feat. Slush the Villain

[Slush the Villain]
Hey yo what's up dawg?
How's it goin homie?

Just kickin back perro drinkin some brew

[Slush the Villain]
Hell yeah homie. I'm hella fucked up right now ese.
We got some weed, some fuckin hennisee
And some bitches in the back, homes.

Well I got plastic for the dick.

[Slush the Villain]
Let's do this homie you ready to get a blow job ese

God damn right

[Slush the Villain]
Cause fuck these groupies ese.
Fuck em all buck em all baby

[Slush the Villain]
Get my dick sucked and fuck you's all I wanna do
Bring your friends I'll bring my friends and we can rendevous

I think that both of us can satisfy your needs
Bitch droped to your mothafuckin knees
It's time to suck on this

[Slush the Villain]
Cause blow jobs and pussy all I want from you hoes
Suckin dick's the only thing you know
So shut up and blow

I think you better lick my balls I got no time to waste
Stick it up your ass so we can have a blast

[Slush the Villain]
Cause fuckin pussy's all I want in life
Mix my ends and your friends
And we can party all night we'll drink bacardi all night
You're hella horny bitch let's orgy and get naughty all night

Let's get naughty to the break of dawn bitch
And let me get in those pants
So I can show you what I want to do to you
I wanna spread them legs and play doctor with your clit
Grab hold them balls I'll bounce your head up off them walls

[Chorus 1: Slush the Villain/Knightowl]
Cause if you give to me you got to give to him
And no fun if he can't have none let the fun begin

Get on your mothafuckin knees
And suck my fuckin dick
Cause I know's you's a bitch
And you's a mothafuckin trick

[Chorus 2: Knightowl'Slush the Villain]
I wanna fuck me some hoes
I wanna fuck me some hoes I wann fuck em all

[Slush the Villain]
I'd rather fuck you bitch
Cause you tell all your friends
About how big my dick be
Putting thoughts in their heads
Suck fuckin you is really like fuckin all in one
You should've known your friends is hoes
And they all want some
I'd rather fuck you cause I heard through my homie
You got the pie sucky sucky
Come and blow me but the condom on my
Cause ain't know way I let you lick it raw
I don't know where you been
And I don't want my dick to fall off
Ready for any thing to happen
cause I'm knownin man
I'm strappin this little packets, I'm a trojan man
Smokin doujah man, stand like a soldie stands
And if you can't see, should've listen cause I told ya man
If I wanna fuck call my hoe baby come please me
If you ever wonder why I call you maybe cause your easy
Or baby cause you're sleazy
But it realy doesn't matter
As long as when you get to my pad
We get it on and go at it

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Bitch I don't mean to disrespect you
But you're nothin but a slut
You's the type of hoe that likes to lick and gobble nut
Don't you act like you's fuckin angel
I heard you like to tweak crystal up the nose
Then you go out and give them blows
To all those fools that give you the rock
They make you suck the cock
You like to slurp to the very fuckin last drop
You open up the legs and let the homies hit it
You say one at a time but would you please form a line
You never turn a dick down you like to suck a bundle
You like to get it rammed and get that shit up in your jungle
But I know where you've been
You fucked one of my homies
God damn that you bad
Cause now that fucka's livin sad
He got what he wanted but now he's livin haunted
All because in front of him a piece of ass was flaunted
So best to feel a lesson but damn it feels so good
And never trust a bitch it's either plastic or a casket

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Hey what up fool? You bust your nut?

[Slush the Villain]
Hell yeah homie.
Got all up in that stupid fuckin bitch homes.

Well I think it's time we get rid of these fuckin bitches.
This blow job babe's coming over in about an hour.

[Both continue talking until the end]

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