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Knightowl - Keep It Coming Real текст песни

feat. Big Red, Slush the Villai

[Big Red]
Playas, know what I'm sayin
We got some thing for you hatas
And yall can fuck wit us baby
And chupa mi verga

I'm ever lastin outcastin
You bitches in this game
For the past 21 years
It's been to late for me to change
I'm not even knowin where I'm goin
When I'm hoppin up on my mission
But I'm brakin you bitches and you hoes
For makin for sure you payin attention
Cause hoes be the gators
Turnin my niggas into hatas
When a push comes down to shove
Bitch I'm gonna holla at you later
Cause I ain't got no time to be under pressure
With this strap wraped around my waist
This Smith and Wesson
That'll teach you niggas a lesson
Stressin you bitches out with
A fuckin murder 187
Tap that ass with a 45
Sendin you on your way to heaven
Even 211's gotta seem tradgic
Puttin them bastards up in the plastic
Livin in the darkness cause I'm heartless
Leavin you niggas up in a casket
Boy (?) those 6's on your ass
Say who? Knigtowl and Skrilla
With Big Red comin down with a gun
It's blast blast
Never gave a fuck about these hoes
That's on my dick
Gotta brake em off one time
With the real red bump
No rears we tryin to kiss

[Chorus: Chris Gun a.k.a Black Gun]
We be some playas and hustlas
And we do just what we feel
And we gon keep it comin real

Now I be the one with the clip on trip
Mothafuckas try to battle
But they all gon slip
You can not fuckin handle this vandle
I'm bringin scandles
It'll be your life that I'ma take
I'm showin you how it be done
I got you mothafuckin bitches like DMC
On the run
I be the one that be doin them things
Got money lot's of diamond rings
All you mothafuckas know the way
Chris Gun sings
There's lots of fuckin envy
A lot of putos getting jealous
How can a white boy like you
Rock some accopellas
But you're the fuckin dopest
Leavin all them bitches hopeless
They better focus
And take a look at where the scope is
Cause mothafuckas like you panic
That say that I'm satanic
You best learn don't fuck around
With this hispanic
My lyrics be the bomba
Much love to fuckin Sombra
We had a fuckin fall out
Had to let that fuckin shit
We bang the same hood homes
It oughta be all good homes
Together we unstoppable
Like I and Slush untouchable


[Slush the Villain]
We keep it comin as hustlas
Hienas coteplatin to fuck us
But you just can't touch us killas
And figgas only amongst us
Bringin the rudkus that corrputs
Me inside my military mind
With my artillery right behind
In cars are mine then come reply
When I resight all my sentences
The world is my nemises
Shall prevail to be number 1
Just like genises
I just don't walk in I make entrences
Hoes expected dick
Get possesed like the Exorsist
When their faced with this
Cause I'll fuck em so good
Make a dyke turn straight
Money in the mob pit
Like I'm pushen some weight
Put my power to brake
I can't take it I'm just given in
Screamin fuck these crooked cops
And the world we livin in
Sinnin there ain't no winnin
Unless we all hustle
The white man heard of watchin us buckle
And killin each other
Challenge me my infantry shall prevail
My army's full of Kamakazis
That's ready for hell
We shall prevail


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