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Knightowl - Mr. Policeman текст песни

(Do it again... let's do it again)

Fuck the...valley sheriffs that be harrasing
They can eat the dick fuck the pigs I'm still laughing
...why you following?
I know you are jealous because you see what I be driving in
You can't afford one is that why you be stopping me?
Officer pig is mad because he don't have a car like me
You pulled me over the other day gave me a ticket
I told your ass -up your culo fucking stick it-
You don't like the shit, punk, that I be doing
Is that the reason that you always be pursuing?
Trying to make me act a fool so you can bust me
And if you had the chance I knew you fucking dust me
But fuck you once again I got to tell you
I know that you is around motherfucker I can smell you
Smells like bacon you don't serve the county quit the faking
You are just mad at all the money I be raking

[Chorus: x2]
I know that you be following me
Mr. Policeman, but you ain't got nothing on me
You talk a lot of shit about me
And you're getting mad, because you know you can't fuck with me

Every time that I ride one time try to fuck with mine
They want to know the face behind the microphone
S.D.P.D. don't like me
When they roll by me they slow down and get behind me
Fuck'em! I don't let them interrupt when I puff
Hand cuffs don't..
Fuck your jail cell bitch I'm not on bail you know
How we does it in the Westside 2 3 2 0
So you roll Mr. Officer
Stop hating in this shit you are trying to offer us
I'm not taking you are mistaking me for someone else
For protecting and serving pig protect yourself
I can't help the way I live bitch is giving in yours
What I do is my business behind closed doors
You roll in patrol with a gun and a badge
Take it off and come to walk town with your scanless ass


Leave me alone bitch I know you want to cuff me
Throw away the gear in a body bag stuff me
You talk a lot of shit Mr. Puerco
I know you love it if you was to see me muerto
But, that's not about to happen
Why you hating motherfucker because I'm rapping?
I know that I make a lot more than you do
Why you be so evil do you practice voodoo?
It doesn't matter, your brain I still splatter
Send your fucking head to the department in a platter
You is a bitch motherfucker you be phony
Skinny as a kid, no nuts you was bony
But now you have got a badge so you walk around tough
I know a Mister Owl you would like to put the cuff, but
I got to say once again eat a dick
You ain't nothing but a bitch you stupid ass pig

[Chorus x2]

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